Coursepress Pro 2.2.2

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Coursepress Prois a Premium Wordpress Plugins.

  • 1 year of free updates
  • Version: 2.2.2
  • Updated: Jun,22 2020
  • License: GPL

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1  Unlimited course creation
2  Course teasers
3  Full video integration
4  Share audio content
5  Includes a powerful quiz builder
6  Out-of-the-box setup
7  Course paywall
8  MarketPress integration
9  WooCommerce integration
10  Access to over 100 payment gateways
11  Includes amazing theme
12  Automated and manual assessment
13  Automated and manual reporting
14  Offer free courses
15  Course description
16  Import and export tools
17  Course and unit progress display
18  Custom define user roles
19  Course certification
20  Customize certificate design for each course
21  Complete shortcode library
22  Interactive discussion board
23  Built-in email marketing
24  Custom slug structure
25  Use custom login form
26  Auto add pages to Primary Menu
27  Login redirect
28  Show instructor name in URL
29  Set course image size
30  Order by date
31  Order by post number
32  Set font for PDF reports
33  Popup login and signup forms


1  Fixed: Added course categories information in the export file.
2  Fixed: Check MarketPress integration to avoid warnings.
3  Fixed: Mistakes in language strings.
4  Fixed: Problem with the login form on small screens like mobile.
5  Fixed: Show CoursePress Theme instructors box only when a course has at least one instructor.
6  Fixed: Warnings on the “Grade” tab, when one of a module is a quiz.
7  Fixed: Warnings when we use WooCommerce 3x.
8  Improved: Added CoursePress version to export file.


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