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1  Over 60 color options
2  Over 70 typography options
3  Color, typography and layout options to your WooCommerce store
4  Sticky navigation, off canvas navigation, mobile header and more
5  Dynamic page & site headers with color, layout and transparency options
6  Control the sizes, padding & margin of your site elements
7  Featured image controls, columns & masonry, infinite scroll
8  Insert anything (HTML, PHP etc..) inside various areas of the theme


1  Blog: Allow masonry to be turned off using a boolean filter
2  Bl og: Fix load more button appearing when not needed
3  Blog: Remove infinite scroll load more button from WooCommerce archives
4  Blog: Prevent content width option from applying to columns
5  Elements: Fix empty object fields when Post Archive is set
6  Elements: Allow slashes in custom hook field
7  Elements: Allow multiple layout elements per condition
8  Elements: Allow 0 value in mobile padding options
9  Elements: Prevent PHP notice if $post isn’t an object
10  Gutenberg: Add initial support for live preview spacing of Gutenberg blocks
11  Menu Plus: Add menu-item-align-right class to slideout toggle
12  Menu Plus: Fix JS error in slideout navigation when no menu is set
13  Sites: Fix image shadow on hover
14  Sites: Add message when no plugins are needed
15  Sites: Update custom link URL in menu items
16  Sites: Prevent PHP warning in PHP 7.3
17  Sites: Add generate_sites_ignore_plugins filter
18  Sites: Fix WooCommerce setup wizard conflict with Site Library
19  Sites: Fix PHP notices during WooCommerce setup wizard
20  Typography: Add support for H1-H3 bottom margin options
21  WooCommerce: Add menu-item-align-right class to cart menu item
22  WooCommerce: Fix multi column product spacing on mobile


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