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Astra Pro Wordpress Premium Theme 8-Jan-212.7.3
Ultimate Member 8-Jan-212.1.15
Ultimate Addons for Elementor 8-Jan-211.28.1
WooCommerce Products Compare 8-Jan-211.0.23
Toolset Framework Installer 8-Jan-213.1.13
Woocommerce 360? Image 8-Jan-211.1.19
Sensei Content Drip 8-Jan-212.1.0
Woocommerce Bookings 8-Jan-211.15.33
WooCommerce Additional Variation Images 8-Jan-211.8.1
Updraftplus Backup Plugin 8-Jan-
Woocommerce Bulk Variation Forms 8-Jan-211.6.7
AffiliateWP WordPress Plugin 8-Jan-
WooCommerce Subscriptions 8-Jan-213.0.12
Gravity Forms WordPress Plugin 8-Jan-
Mainwp Piwik 8-Jan-214.0.3
Projecthuddle 8-Jan-214.0.17
Page Builder Framework Premium Addon 8-Jan-212.5.13
Permalink Manager Pro 8-Jan-
Woocommerce Restricted Shipping And Payment Pro 8-Jan-212.2.2
WooCommerce AutomateWoo 8-Jan-215.2.1
Woocommerce Account Funds 8-Jan-212.3.8
Yith Custom Thankyou Page For Woocommerce Premium 8-Jan-211.3.1
Restrict Content Pro 14-Oct-203.4.4
Yith Woocommerce Role Based Prices 14-Oct-201.2.5
WooCommerce Customers Manager 14-Oct-2026.0
Hotel Listing 14-Oct-201.3.2
Jetsmartfilters 14-Oct-202.0.4
GeoDirectory List Manager 14-Oct-
Gravity Forms Stripe 14-Oct-203.8.4
WooCommerce Order Status Manager 14-Oct-201.12.2
Gravity Flow Wordpress Plugin 5-Oct-202.6
Rankie - Wordpress Rank Tracker Plugin 5-Oct-201.6.7
Gravity Forms Survey 5-Oct-203.6.1
Content Views Pro 5-Oct-205.8.2
Woocommerce Chained Products 5-Oct-202.9.8
Woocommerce Checkout Addons 5-Oct-202.4.1
Woocommerce Conditional Content 5-Oct-202.1.4
User Extra Fields 3-Oct-2015.1
Admin Menu Editor Pro 3-Oct-202.12.4
WooCommerce URL Coupons 2-Oct-202.10.1
Hestia Pro WordPress Theme 2-Oct-203.0.5
WooCommerce Customer Order Coupons CSV Import Suite 2-Oct-203.9.1
WooCommerce Product Documents 2-Oct-201.12.1
WooCommerce Tabs Manager 2-Oct-201.13.1
WooCommerce Store Credit 2-Oct-203.2.2
Woocommerce Customer Order Csv Export 2-Oct-205.1.2
Woocommerce Measurement Price Calculator 2-Oct-203.18.1
Woocommerce Admin Custom Order Fields 2-Oct-201.14.1
WooCommerce PDF Product Vouchers 2-Oct-203.8.1
WooCommerce Print Invoices & Packing List 2-Oct-203.9.1
Woocommerce Product Reviews Pro 2-Oct-201.16.2
WooCommerce Nested Category Layout 2-Oct-201.15.1
WooCommerce Product Retailers 2-Oct-201.14.1
WooCommerce Authorize.Net Reporting 2-Oct-201.11.1
WooCommerce Twilio SMS Notifications 2-Oct-201.15.1
Envira Gallery 2-Oct-
WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro 2-Oct-201.9.1
WooCommerce Social Login 2-Oct-202.10.1
Thrive Clever Widgets 2-Oct-201.56.1
WooCommerce Social Login 1-Oct-202.3.1
YITH Google Product Feed 1-Oct-201.1.14
WooCommerce Cart Addons 1-Oct-201.5.32
Gravity Forms Slack 1-Oct-201.12
Event Tickets Plus 1-Oct-205.0.1
WooCommerce Order Status Control 1-Oct-201.13.1
Woocommerce Beanstream / Bambora Payment Gateway 1-Oct-202.3.1
WooCommerce Moneris Payment Gateway 1-Oct-202.14.1
WooCommerce CIM 1-Oct-203.3.1
Page Builder Framework Premium Addon 1-Oct-202.5.9
WooCommerce Additional Variation Images 1-Oct-201.7.26
WooCommerce Points and Rewards 1-Oct-201.6.38
Woocommerce Elavon Converge Payment Gateway 1-Oct-202.7.1
Gravity Forms User Registration 1-Oct-204.6
Woocommerce Chase Paymentech 1-Oct-201.15.1
Woocommerce Shipping Multiple Addresses 1-Oct-203.6.23
WooCommerce Product Addons 1-Oct-203.1.0
WooCommerce Product CSV Import Suite 1-Oct-201.10.37
Gravity Perks Read Only 30-Sep-201.6
Gravity Perks Limit Checkboxes 30-Sep-201.2.14
Gravity Perks Preview Submission 30-Sep-201.3.3
Gravity Perks Limit Dates 30-Sep-201.0.23
WooCommerce Subscriptions 30-Sep-203.0.9
Woocommerce Sequential Order Numbers Pro 30-Sep-201.16.1
Gravity Perks Comment Blacklist 30-Sep-201.2.9
Duplicator Pro 30-Sep-
YITH WooCommerce Social Login 30-Sep-201.6.2
Yith Woocommerce Product Add-Ons 30-Sep-201.5.30
Yith Woocommerce Customer History 30-Sep-201.2.0
YITH WooCommerce Email Templates 30-Sep-201.3.28
Yith Woocommerce Cart Messages Premium 30-Sep-201.7.1
Yith Woocommerce Added To Cart Popup 30-Sep-201.6.1
YITH WooCommerce Tab Manager 30-Sep-201.2.26
Yith Woocommerce Ajax Search Premium 30-Sep-201.7.22
Yith Woocommerce One-Click Checkout 30-Sep-201.5.1
YITH Color and Label Variations 30-Sep-201.11.1
YITH Woocommerce Checkout Manager 29-Sep-201.4.1
Gravity Forms Helpscout 29-Sep-201.15
Yoast WooCommerce SEO Premium 29-Sep-2013.6
Yoast Local SEO Premium 29-Sep-2013.6
Gravity Forms Coupons 29-Sep-202.11
JetWooBuilder For Elementor 29-Sep-201.7.0
The Events Calendar Pro 29-Sep-205.1.5
Woocommerce Simple Auctions - Wordpress Auctions 29-Sep-201.2.39
Ultimate Member Woocommerce 28-Sep-202.2.4
Gravity Forms Dropbox 28-Sep-202.8
Gravity Forms Paypal Payments Pro 28-Sep-202.6
WPfomify WordPress Plugin 28-Sep-202.2.0
WooCommerce One Page Checkout 28-Sep-201.7.9
Wordpress Logos Showcase 28-Sep-201.3.7
Thrive Apprentice - 27-Sep-202.3.2
YITH WooCommerce Stripe 27-Sep-202.0.12
Thrive Architect 27-Sep-202.6.0
WPMU DEV Google Analytics+ 27-Sep-203.3.0
YITH WooCommerce Wishlist 27-Sep-203.0.14
Gravity Forms User Registration 27-Sep-204.5.9
WP Rich Snippets Plugin 27-Sep-202.19.7
Gravity Forms Partial Enteries 27-Sep-201.6
FacetWP - Advanced Filtering for WordPress 27-Sep-203.6.4
Projecthuddle 27-Sep-204.0.3
Elegant Themes Extra 27-Sep-204.6.5
Divi - WordPress Theme 27-Sep-204.6.5
Elegant Themes Divi Builder 27-Sep-204.6.5
Seopress Pro 27-Sep-204.0.1
WooCommerce Lottery - WordPress Prizes and Lotteries 27-Sep-201.1.25
Gravity Forms Chained Selects 27-Sep-201.5
Gravity Forms Breeze 26-Sep-201.5
iThemes Security Pro 26-Sep-206.7.1
Monarch Social Media Sharing 26-Sep-201.4.13
WooCommerce Subscriptions 26-Sep-203.0.8
The7 - Multi-Purpose Website Building Toolkit For Wordpress 26-Sep-209.2.2
Gravity Forms Signature 26-Sep-204.0
Thrive Storied Theme 26-Sep-201.502
Thrive Squared Theme 26-Sep-201.502
Thrive Rise Theme 26-Sep-201.502
Thrive Pressive Theme 26-Sep-201.502
Thrive Voice Premium Theme 26-Sep-201.502
Thrive Performag Theme 26-Sep-201.502
Thrive Minus Theme 26-Sep-201.502
Thrive Luxe Theme 26-Sep-201.502
Thrive Ignition Theme 26-Sep-201.502
Thrive FocusBlog Theme 26-Sep-201.502
WooCommerce Distance Rate Shipping 26-Sep-201.0.26
Woocommerce Sagepay Form 26-Sep-204.6.6
WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Method 26-Sep-203.4.33
WooCommerce UPS Shipping Method 26-Sep-203.2.29
WooCommerce Order Barcodes 26-Sep-201.3.23
Woocommerce Memberships 26-Sep-201.19.0
Perfmatters - Lightweight Wordpress Performance Plugin 26-Sep-201.6.2
WooCommerce Smart Coupons 26-Sep-204.9.0
Element Pack - Addon for Elementor Page Builder WordPress Plugin 26-Sep-205.4.1
Yith Woocommerce Minimum Maximum Quantity 25-Sep-201.5.2
Yith Woocommerce Recover Abandoned Cart 25-Sep-201.4.6
YITH Woocommerce Popup 25-Sep-201.4.6
Thrive Ovation 25-Sep-202.3.7
Thrive Optimize 25-Sep-201.4.6
Thrive Headline Optimizer 25-Sep-201.3.2
Thrive Comments 25-Sep-201.4.8
WooSwatches - Woocommerce Color or Image Variation Swatches 25-Sep-203.0.9
Gravity Forms Zoho CRM 25-Sep-201.12
Jetsmartfilters 25-Sep-202.0.2
Bimber - Viral Magazine WordPress Theme 25-Sep-208.5
Super Forms - Drag & Drop Form Builder 25-Sep-204.9.520
WooCommerce Australia Post Shipping Method 25-Sep-202.4.27
WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping Method 25-Sep-202.5.19
WooCommerce USPS Shipping Method 25-Sep-204.4.48
The Events Calendar: Community Events Tickets 25-Sep-204.7.5
Gravity Forms WordPress Plugin 25-Sep-
Elementor Pro 3.0.5 WordPress Plugin25-Sep-203.0.5
SearchWP WordPress Plugin 24-Sep-204.0.31
Wp Quiz Pro 24-Sep-202.1.5
WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor 24-Sep-201.5.37
WooCommerce Name Your Price 24-Sep-203.1.6
WooCommerce Ajax Layered Navigation 24-Sep-201.4.26
Woocommerce Email Customizer 24-Sep-201.1.18
Profile Builder Pro 24-Sep-203.2.7
Bolder Fees for WooCommerce 24-Sep-201.5.1
Live Chat Unlimited 24-Sep-202.8.8
WooCommerce Shipping Tracking 24-Sep-2026.8
Elfsight Instagram Feed Cc 24-Sep-204.0.1
Woocommerce Pdf Vouchers 24-Sep-204.2.0
Briefcase Elementor Widgets 23-Sep-201.8.4
WPML String Translation Addon 23-Sep-203.1.3
AffiliateWP WordPress Plugin 23-Sep-202.6
Yith Desktop Notifications For Woocommerce Premium 23-Sep-201.2.15
YITH Featured Audio and Video Content 23-Sep-201.3.6
YITH Woocommerce Review Reminder 23-Sep-201.7.0
Yith Booking And Appointment For Woocommerce 23-Sep-202.1.16
YITH WooCommerce Badge Management 23-Sep-201.4.4
Gravity Forms Aweber 23-Sep-202.11
Toolset Woocommerce Views 23-Sep-202.9.1
Gravity Forms Emma 23-Sep-201.4
Gravity Forms Campaign Monitor 23-Sep-203.9
Martfury Wordpress Premium Theme 23-Sep-202.5.0
WordPress Real Media Library 23-Sep-204.9.6
BeTheme - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme 23-Sep-2021.8.6
YITH Woocommerce Ajax Product Filter 22-Sep-203.11.2
YITH Payment Gateway 22-Sep-201.2.3
YITH Woocommerce Anti-Fraud 22-Sep-201.3.4
YITH Woocommerce Delivery Date 22-Sep-202.1.18
Yith Woocommerce Product Slider Carousel 22-Sep-201.0.40
WooCommerce Order Delivery 22-Sep-201.7.1
YITH WooCommerce Order Tracking 22-Sep-201.6.7
Yith Composite Products For Woocommerce 22-Sep-201.1.22
Yith Advanced Refund System For Woocommerce Premium 22-Sep-201.2.0
Yith Deals For Woocommerce Premium 22-Sep-201.0.15
Yith Woocommerce Dynamic Pricing And Discounts 22-Sep-201.7.0
YITH WooCommerce Uploads 22-Sep-201.2.19
Ultimate Affiliate Pro 22-Sep-206.8
Permalink Manager Pro 22-Sep-
Smart Notification 22-Sep-209.2.75
Product Catalog Feed Pro 22-Sep-204.1.4
Woocommerce Multiple Customer Addresses 20-Sep-2018.0
Foundry - Multipurpose, Multi-Concept WP Theme 20-Sep-202.1.9
YITH Woocommerce Pre-order 20-Sep-201.6.0
Restrict Content Pro 20-Sep-203.4.1
Give Zapier 20-Sep-201.3.1
Give PDF Receipts 20-Sep-202.3.11
FormCraft - Premium WordPress Form Builder 20-Sep-203.8.24
WooCommerce Email Customizer with Drag and Drop Email Builder 20-Sep-201.5.16
YITH Woocommerce Custom Order Status 19-Sep-201.2.3
Yith Paypal Payouts For Woocommerce 19-Sep-201.0.16
YITH WooCommerce Bulk Product Editing 19-Sep-201.2.25
Yith Cost Of Goods For Woocommerce 19-Sep-201.2.6
Yith Woocommerce Points And Rewards 19-Sep-201.8.2
Yith Woocommerce Watermark Premium 19-Sep-201.2.10
Yith Woocommerce Pdf Invoice And Shipping List 19-Sep-202.0.17
YITH WooCommerce Brands Add-on 19-Sep-201.3.12
YITH Multiple Shipping Addresses 19-Sep-201.1.3
YITH WooCommerce Category Accordion 19-Sep-201.0.39
Yith Woocommerce Quick View 19-Sep-201.6.0
Woocommerce Multilingual 19-Sep-204.10.3
Mainwp File Uploader 19-Sep-204.0.1
Mainwp Page Speed 19-Sep-
Mainwp Post Dripper 19-Sep-
Mainwp Post Plus 19-Sep-
Mainwp Wordpress Seo 19-Sep-204.0.1
Total - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme 19-Sep-205.0.1
Elegant Themes Extra 19-Sep-204.6.3
Divi - WordPress Theme 19-Sep-204.6.3
Elegant Themes Divi Builder 19-Sep-204.6.3
WP Rocket 19-Sep-
PowerPack Elements 19-Sep-202.1.1
Social Auto Poster 19-Sep-203.9.0
Element Pack - Addon for Elementor Page Builder WordPress Plugin 18-Sep-205.4.0
Fundrize - Responsive Donation & Charity WordPress Theme 18-Sep-201.14
WordPress GDPR 18-Sep-201.9.7
Modal Survey - WordPress Poll, Survey & Quiz Plugin 18-Sep-
Wp Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder 18-Sep-209.710
Mapplic - Custom Interactive Map WordPress Plugin 18-Sep-206.1.1
Univero - Education LMS & Courses WordPress Theme 18-Sep-201.11
Yith Woocommerce Customize My Account Page 18-Sep-202.7.1
Yith Woocommerce Subscription 18-Sep-202.0.4
YITH WooCommerce Membership 18-Sep-201.3.26
Woocommerce Sagepay Form 18-Sep-204.6.4
Woocommerce Google Product Feeds 18-Sep-209.0.4
Woocommerce Account Funds 18-Sep-202.3.2
Yith Woocommerce Frequently Bought Together 18-Sep-201.8.2
Yith Best Price Guaranteed 18-Sep-201.2.20
Yith Woocommerce Gift Cards 18-Sep-203.1.11
YITH Woocommerce Barcodes and QR Codes 18-Sep-202.0.3
YITH WooCommerce Product Bundles 18-Sep-201.4.1
FacetWP - Advanced Filtering for WordPress 18-Sep-203.6.3
Gravity Forms Plugin - Agile CRM 18-Sep-201.4
Gravity Forms Capsule CRM 18-Sep-201.5
ListingPro - WordPress Premium Directory Theme 18-Sep-202.5.12
iThemes Security Pro 18-Sep-206.7.0
JetEngine for Elementor 18-Sep-202.4.12
Booster Plus for WooCommerce 18-Sep-205.3.2
Gravity Forms PayPal Payments Standard 18-Sep-203.4
Toolset Framework Installer 17-Sep-203.1.9
Mainwp Article Uploader 17-Sep-
MainWP Boilerplate Extension 17-Sep-
Mainwp Branding 17-Sep-
Mainwp Client Reports 17-Sep-
Gravity Forms Twilio 17-Sep-202.8
Ultimate Addons for Elementor 17-Sep-201.27.0
Toolset Woocommerce Views 17-Sep-202.9.0
Toolset Access 17-Sep-202.8.88
Toolset Forms 17-Sep-202.6
Beaver Builder Pro 17-Sep-
Hotel Listing 17-Sep-201.3.1
WP-Optimize Premium 17-Sep-203.1.4
Cool Timeline Pro 17-Sep-203.5
Ultimate Addons For Beaver Builder 17-Sep-201.28.6
Social Auto Poster 17-Sep-203.8.4
Slider Revolution 17-Sep-206.2.23
Woocommerce Sagepay Form 17-Sep-204.6.3
Woocommerce Follow-Up Emails 17-Sep-204.9.8
WooCommerce Additional Variation Images 17-Sep-201.7.25
WooCommerce Name Your Price 17-Sep-203.1.5
Woocommerce Api Manager 17-Sep-202.3.4
Woocommerce Lightspeed Pos 17-Sep-201.8.3
Briefcase Elementor Widgets 16-Sep-201.8.3
Ultimate Member 16-Sep-202.1.9
YITH Woocommerce Popup 16-Sep-201.4.5
Yith Woocommerce Multi Vendor 16-Sep-203.7.1
WooCommerce Point of Sale (POS) 16-Sep-205.2.12
Yith Automatic Role Changer For Woocommerce Premium 16-Sep-201.6.0
Page Builder Framework Premium Addon 16-Sep-202.5.7
WPMU DEV Hustle 16-Sep-204.3.1
Mainwp Clean And Lock 16-Sep-
Mainwp Comments 16-Sep-
Mainwp Google Analytics 16-Sep-
Mainwp Woocommerce Shortcuts 16-Sep-204.1.1
Wp Courseware 16-Sep-204.7.1
BeTheme - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme 16-Sep-2021.8.5.2
Elementor Extras 16-Sep-202.2.38
WooCommerce Social Login 16-Sep-202.3.0
Wordpress Automatic Plugin 16-Sep-203.50.7
WPMU DEV Defender 16-Sep-202.3.2
MyThemeShop - WP Time To Read 16-Sep-201.0.2
Convert Pro Addons 16-Sep-201.4.3
The7 - Multi-Purpose Website Building Toolkit For Wordpress 16-Sep-209.2.0
Impreza - Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme 16-Sep-207.9
Woocommerce Customer Order Csv Export 16-Sep-205.1.1
Woocommerce Mix And Match Products 16-Sep-201.10.2
WooCommerce Zapier 16-Sep-202.0.5
Woocommerce Worldpay Gateway 16-Sep-204.1.5
WooCommerce Square Payment Gateway 16-Sep-202.2.1
Gravity Forms WordPress Plugin 16-Sep-
Gravity Forms Web Hooks 16-Sep-201.4
Mainwp Clone 16-Sep-204.0.1
Mainwp Buddy 16-Sep-204.0.1
Mainwp Team Control 16-Sep-
Mainwp Url Extractor 16-Sep-
Mainwp Woocommerce Status 16-Sep-
Mainwp Wordfence 16-Sep-
WooCommerce Customers Manager 16-Sep-2025.8
FacetWP - Advanced Filtering for WordPress 16-Sep-203.6.2
Mainwp Favorites 16-Sep-
Mainwp Ithemes Security 16-Sep-
Mainwp Maintenance 16-Sep-
Mainwp Code Snippets 14-Sep-204.0.1
Mainwp Custom Post Type 14-Sep-
Advanced Woocommerce Reporting 14-Sep-205.6
Astra Pro Wordpress Premium Theme 14-Sep-202.5.5
Astra Pro Addon 14-Sep-202.6.4
Mailster - Email Newsletter Plugin for WordPress 14-Sep-202.4.14
WooCommerce Smart Coupons 14-Sep-204.8.1
Woocommerce Google Product Feeds 14-Sep-209.0.3
WooCommerce Conditional Shipping and Payments 14-Sep-201.8.5
Gravity Forms Mailchimp 14-Sep-204.8
WooCommerce Social Login 14-Sep-202.2.10
JetWooBuilder For Elementor 14-Sep-201.6.6
Bimber - Viral Magazine WordPress Theme 14-Sep-208.3.6
Thrive Theme Builder 14-Sep-201.7.1
Gravity Forms Mad Mimi 14-Sep-201.4
Gravity Forms Trello 14-Sep-201.4
Ninja Forms Save User Progress 12-Sep-
LearnDash Visual Customizer 12-Sep-202.3.6
WPML String Translation Addon 12-Sep-203.1.2
Jetsmartfilters 12-Sep-202.0.1
Yith Stripe Connect For Woocommerce Premium 12-Sep-202.1.3
YITH WooCommerce Tab Manager 12-Sep-201.2.24
Booster Plus for WooCommerce 12-Sep-205.3.0
WPML WordPress Multilingual CMS Plugin 12-Sep-204.4.2
FacetWP - Advanced Filtering for WordPress 12-Sep-203.6.1
WPML CMS Navigation Addon 11-Sep-201.5.5
Elementor Pro 3.0.4 WordPress Plugin11-Sep-203.0.4
Gravity Forms CleverReach 11-Sep-201.7
Gravity Forms iContact 11-Sep-201.5
WPMU DEV SmartCrawl 11-Sep-202.8.0
WordPress GDPR 11-Sep-201.9.6
Thrive Ultimatum 11-Sep-
Thrive Quiz Builder 11-Sep-
Thrive Leads 11-Sep-
Thrive Architect 11-Sep-
Thrive Apprentice - 11-Sep-
AffiliateWP WordPress Plugin 11-Sep-202.5.7
Duplicator Pro 11-Sep-204.0.0
Tax Display by Country for WooCommerce 11-Sep-
Beaver Builder Theme 11-Sep-201.7.7
Restrict Content Pro ? Group Accounts 11-Sep-202.2
Restrict Content Pro 11-Sep-203.4
PixelYourSite Super Pack 11-Sep-202.1.5
PixelYourSite Pro 11-Sep-207.6.7
WPForms Basic 11-Sep-
WPMU DEV Hummingbird Pro 11-Sep-202.6.1
Elegant Themes Extra 10-Sep-204.6.1
Wp Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder 10-Sep-209.709
Updraftplus Backup Plugin 10-Sep-
WPMU DEV Ultimate Branding 10-Sep-203.4.0
Gravity Forms Active Campaign 10-Sep-201.8
Modal Survey - WordPress Poll, Survey & Quiz Plugin 10-Sep-
Woocommerce Sagepay Form 10-Sep-204.6.2
Woocommerce Account Funds 10-Sep-202.3.1
Ultimate Addons For Beaver Builder 10-Sep-201.28.5
Woocommerce Bookings 10-Sep-201.15.26
Advanced Custom Fields Pro 10-Sep-205.9.1
Super Forms - Drag & Drop Form Builder 10-Sep-204.9.514
WooCommerce PsiGate Gateway 10-Sep-201.7.0
WooCommerce New Zealand Post Shipping 10-Sep-202.1
WooCommerce Aweber Newsletter 10-Sep-203.3.0
Woocommerce Conditional Content 10-Sep-202.1.3
AnyWhere Elementor Pro 2.16 WordPress Plugin8-Sep-202.16
Gravity Perks Media Library 8-Sep-201.2.15
Woocommerce Mix And Match Products 8-Sep-201.10.1
WooCommerce Royal Mail 8-Sep-202.5.31
WooCommerce Newsletter Subscription 8-Sep-202.9.1
BeTheme - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme 8-Sep-2021.8.5.1
WooCommerce Shipping Tracking 8-Sep-2026.7
Woocommerce Product Reviews Pro 8-Sep-201.16.1
WooCommerce AutomateWoo 8-Sep-205.0.3
User Role Editor Pro 8-Sep-204.57.1
WPMU DEV Hummingbird Pro 8-Sep-202.6.0
Garden HUB - Gardening, Lawn & Landscaping WordPress Theme 8-Sep-201.2.4
WooCommerce Square Payment Gateway 8-Sep-202.2.0
LoftLoader Pro - Preloader Plugin for WordPress 8-Sep-202.2.3
Dynamic Content For Elementor 8-Sep-
Give Form Field Manager 8-Sep-201.4.9
WooSwatches - Woocommerce Color or Image Variation Swatches 8-Sep-203.0.8
Advanced Database Cleaner Pro 7-Sep-203.1.5
WPML WordPress Multilingual CMS Plugin 7-Sep-204.4.1
Gravity Forms User Registration 7-Sep-204.5.8
Gravity Forms PayPal Payments Standard 7-Sep-203.3.1
FacetWP - Advanced Filtering for WordPress 7-Sep-203.6.0
Wordpress Logos Showcase 7-Sep-201.3.6
Quform - WordPress Form Builder 7-Sep-202.12.1
WooCommerce AutomateWoo 7-Sep-205.0.2
Wordpress Store Locator 7-Sep-201.12.1
League Table WordPress Plugin 7-Sep-202.09
Profile Builder Pro 7-Sep-203.2.6
Elementor Extras 7-Sep-202.2.37
Dokan Pro eCommerce Marketplace Plugin 7-Sep-203.0.8
Gravity Forms Get Response 7-Sep-201.5
Divi - WordPress Theme 7-Sep-204.6.1
Elegant Themes Divi Builder 6-Sep-204.6.1
AnyWhere Elementor Pro 2.15.6 WordPress Plugin6-Sep-202.15.6
Gravity Perks Reload Form 6-Sep-202.0
Gravity Perks Limit Submissions 6-Sep-201.0-beta-1.25
Gravity Perks Nested Forms 6-Sep-201.0-beta-8.65
Cool Timeline Pro 6-Sep-203.4.9
Wp Quiz Pro 6-Sep-202.1.4
Wp Staging Pro 6-Sep-203.1.0
Easy Digital Downloads Recurring Payments 6-Sep-202.10
Woocommerce Currency Switcher 6-Sep-202.3.2
Essential Addons for Elementor 6-Sep-204.1.6
Thrive Ignition Theme 6-Sep-201.501
Thrive Luxe Theme 6-Sep-201.501
Thrive Minus Theme 6-Sep-201.501
Thrive Performag Theme 6-Sep-201.501
Restrict Content Pro ? Math Verification 5-Sep-201.0.5
WPML String Translation Addon 5-Sep-203.10
Gravity Forms WordPress Plugin 5-Sep-
Thrive Voice Premium Theme 5-Sep-201.501
Thrive Pressive Theme 5-Sep-201.501
Thrive Rise Theme 5-Sep-201.501
Thrive Squared Theme 5-Sep-201.501
Thrive Storied Theme 5-Sep-201.501
Thrive FocusBlog Theme 5-Sep-201.501
Elementor Pro 3.0.3 WordPress Plugin5-Sep-203.0.3
Wordpress Automatic Plugin 5-Sep-203.50.6
WooSwatches - Woocommerce Color or Image Variation Swatches 5-Sep-203.0.7
GravityView 5-Sep-202.9.1
Modal Survey - WordPress Poll, Survey & Quiz Plugin 5-Sep-
Give Stripe Gateway 5-Sep-202.2.12
PixelYourSite Pro 5-Sep-207.6.6
Thrive Ultimatum 5-Sep-202.3.1
Thrive Leads 5-Sep-202.3.1
Woocommerce Sagepay Form 5-Sep-204.6.0
Restrict Content Pro ? Group Accounts 5-Sep-202.1.3
Woocommerce Lightspeed Pos 5-Sep-201.8.2
Updraftplus Backup Plugin 4-Sep-
SearchWP WordPress Plugin 4-Sep-204.0.30
Thrive Ovation 4-Sep-202.3.6
Thrive Comments 4-Sep-201.4.7
Thrive Optimize 4-Sep-201.4.5
Woocommerce Chained Products 4-Sep-202.9.7
Thrive Headline Optimizer 4-Sep-201.3.1
Thrive Apprentice - 4-Sep-202.3.1
Thrive Quiz Builder 4-Sep-202.3.1
Thrive Architect 4-Sep-202.5.9
YITH WooCommerce Brands Add-on 4-Sep-201.3.11
Restrict Content Pro ? Drip Content 4-Sep-201.0.7
Restrict Content Pro ? Activecampaign 4-Sep-201.1.1
Restrict Content Pro ? Aweber Pro 4-Sep-201.1.5
Restrict Content Pro ? Custom Redirects 4-Sep-201.0.7
Restrict Content Pro ? Hard-Set Expiration Dates 4-Sep-201.1.4
Restrict Content Pro ? Help Scout 4-Sep-201.0.4
Restrict Content Pro ? Ip Restriction 4-Sep-201.2.8
Restrict Content Pro ? Mailchimp Pro 4-Sep-201.5.1
Restrict Content Pro ? Restriction Timeouts 4-Sep-201.0.5
Restrict Content Pro ? Site Creation 4-Sep-201.3.1
Restrict Content Pro ? Convertkit 4-Sep-201.1.3
Restrict Content Pro ? Rest Api 4-Sep-201.2.2
Restrict Content Pro ? Restrict Past Content 4-Sep-201.0.3
Restrict Content Pro ? Woocommerce Member Discounts 4-Sep-201.0.5
ListingPro - WordPress Premium Directory Theme 4-Sep-202.5.11
Yith Woocommerce Review For Discounts Premium 3-Sep-201.3.7
Yith Woocommerce Gift Cards 3-Sep-203.1.9
WP Rich Snippets Plugin 3-Sep-202 .19.4
Yith Woocommerce Frequently Bought Together 3-Sep-201.8.0
Restrict Content Pro 3-Sep-203.3.13
YITH Woocommerce Affiliates 3-Sep-201.7.5
WPML Media Translation Addon 3-Sep-202.6.0
Bimber - Viral Magazine WordPress Theme 3-Sep-208.3.5
Ultimate Membership Pro - WordPress Membership Plugin 3-Sep-209.2.1
JetTricks for Elementor 3-Sep-201.2.12
Yoast SEO Premium 3-Sep-2014.9
Admin Columns Pro ? WooCommerce Addon 3-Sep-203.5.2
Mapplic - Custom Interactive Map WordPress Plugin 3-Sep-206.1
Cool Timeline Pro 3-Sep-203.4.8
Wp Review Pro 3-Sep-203.4.8
WP Rocket 3-Sep-
BeTheme - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme 3-Sep-2021.8.4
WooCommerce Shipping Tracking 3-Sep-2026.5
WPMU DEV Snapshot Pro 3-Sep-204.0.3
All In One Addons for WPBakery Page Builder 3-Sep-203.6.0
WordPress Real Media Library 3-Sep-204.9.5
WooCommerce Order Status Manager 2-Sep-201.12.0
Yith Faq Plugin For Wordpress 2-Sep-201.1.6
YITH Sequential Order Number 2-Sep-201.2.4
YITH WooCommerce Questions and Answers 2-Sep-201.3.9
Yith Woocommerce Advanced Reviews 2-Sep-201.6.14
YITH Woocommerce Review Reminder 2-Sep-201.6.9
Woocommerce Wishlists 2-Sep-202.2.2
YITH WooCommerce Product Countdown 2-Sep-201.4.4
Woocommerce Checkout Addons 2-Sep-202.4.0
Yith Infinite Scrolling 2-Sep-201.3.0
Woocommerce Catalog Visibility Options 2-Sep-203.2.11
Elementor Pro 3.0.2 WordPress Plugin2-Sep-203.0.2
FormCraft - Premium WordPress Form Builder 2-Sep-203.8.22
Ultimate Addons for Elementor 2-Sep-201.26.4
The Team Pro - Team Showcase WordPress Plugin 2-Sep-201.8.1
WooCommerce Customers Manager 2-Sep-2025.7
Wordpress Store Locator 2-Sep-201.12.0
Easy Digital Downloads ? Fields 2-Sep-201.0.5
WP Real Estate Pro Plugin for WordPress 2-Sep-201.1.27
Woocommerce Shipwire 2-Sep-202.6.0
WooCommerce SnapScan Gateway 2-Sep-201.1.10
WooCommerce KissMetrics 2-Sep-201.15.0
Woocommerce Mixpanel 2-Sep-201.16.0
WooSwatches - Woocommerce Color or Image Variation Swatches 2-Sep-203.0.6
Wp Staging Pro 2-Sep-203.0.9
Sahifa - Responsive WordPress News / Magazine / Blog Theme 2-Sep-205.7.3
YITH Color and Label Variations 1-Sep-201.11.0
GravityView – Gravity Forms Calendar 1-Sep-201.4.3
Essential Addons for Elementor 1-Sep-204.1.5
Ultimate Member Social Login 1-Sep-202.3.5
Yith Woocommerce Compare 1-Sep-202.4.0
Yith Woocommerce Role Based Prices 1-Sep-201.2.3
Shop Isle Pro WordPress Theme 1-Sep-202.2.56
WooCommerce PDF Invoices 1-Sep-204.7.4
Gravity Forms WordPress Plugin 1-Sep-
Elementor Extras 1-Sep-202.2.36
Yith Woocommerce Dynamic Pricing And Discounts 1-Sep-201.6.9
Gravity Flow Wordpress Plugin 1-Sep-202.5.12
WPMU DEV Google Analytics+ 1-Sep-203.2.8
Mainwp Client Reports 1-Sep-204.0.5
Mainwp Branding 1-Sep-204.0.2
The7 - Multi-Purpose Website Building Toolkit For Wordpress 1-Sep-209.1.2
Media Cleaner Pro 1-Sep-206.0.4
Divi Booster 1-Sep-203.2.9
Mainwp Woocommerce Status 1-Sep-204.0.2
JetTricks for Elementor 1-Sep-201.2.11
JetEngine for Elementor 1-Sep-202.4.11
JetElements - Addon for Elementor Page Builder 1-Sep-202.3.3
Event Tickets Plus 1-Sep-205.0.0
Advanced iFrame Pro 1-Sep-202020.8
Soledad - Multiconcept Blogmagazine Wp Theme 1-Sep-207.3.6
Wordpress Admin Theme - Wpshapere 1-Sep-206.1.7
Dynamic Content For Elementor 1-Sep-
Martfury Wordpress Premium Theme 1-Sep-202.4.9
Woocommerce Follow-Up Emails 1-Sep-204.9.7
Yith Woocommerce Terms & Conditions Popup 1-Sep-201.2.13
The Events Calendar Filterbar 31-Aug-204.10.2
WooCommerce Sales Report Email 31-Aug-201.1.16
Woocommerce Memberships 31-Aug-201.18.0
Yith Custom Thankyou Page For Woocommerce Premium 31-Aug-201.2.6
PowerPack Elements 31-Aug-202.0.5
WooCommerce Points and Rewards 31-Aug-201.6.37
WooCommerce Deposits 31-Aug-201.5.4
Soliloquy Instagram Addon 31-Aug-202.3.5
WooCommerce Smart Coupons 31-Aug-204.8.0
WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro 31-Aug-201.9.0
WooCommerce Aweber Newsletter 31-Aug-203.2.2
Woocommerce Measurement Price Calculator 31-Aug-203.18.0
Woocommerce Customer Order Csv Export 31-Aug-205.1.0
SearchWP WordPress Plugin 31-Aug-204.0.29
SearchWP Boolean Search 31-Aug-201.4.1
Elegant Themes Divi Builder 31-Aug-204.6.0
Divi - WordPress Theme 31-Aug-204.6.0
Elegant Themes Extra 31-Aug-204.6.0
PixelYourSite Pro 31-Aug-207.6.5
Elementor Pro 3.0.1 WordPress Plugin31-Aug-203.0.1
Thrive Theme Builder 31-Aug-201.6.2
WP Rocket 31-Aug-203.7
Bimber - Viral Magazine WordPress Theme 31-Aug-208.3.4
Give Recurring Donations 28-Aug-201.10.7
GravityView – Gravity Forms Calendar 28-Aug-201.4.2
PowerPack Elements 28-Aug-202.0.4
WooCommerce Brands 28-Aug-201.6.19
Thrive Apprentice - 28-Aug-
Give Stripe Gateway 28-Aug-202.2.11
Woocommerce Xero Integration 28-Aug-201.7.33
Easy Digital Downloads Slack 28-Aug-201.1.2
Give Manual Donations 28-Aug-201.4.7
WooCommerce Print Invoices & Packing List 28-Aug-203.9.0
Woocommerce Bookings 28-Aug-201.15.25
PowerPack Beaver Builder Addon 28-Aug-202.11.0
WooCommerce Customers Manager 28-Aug-2025.6
Electro Electronics Store WooCommerce Theme 28-Aug-202.5.9
Element Pack - Addon for Elementor Page Builder WordPress Plugin 28-Aug-205.3.2
WoodMart - Responsive WooCommerce WordPress Theme 28-Aug-205.2.0
WooCommerce Subscription Downloads 28-Aug-201.1.28
Admin Menu Editor Pro 28-Aug-202.12.2
Profile Builder Pro 28-Aug-203.2.5
Woocommerce Restricted Shipping And Payment Pro 28-Aug-202.1.2
Optimizer PRO 0.7.5 WordPress Plugin28-Aug-200.7.5
Genesis Extender Plugin 28-Aug-201.9.8
JetReviews - Reviews Widget for Elementor Page Builder 28-Aug-202.0.1
Cool Timeline Pro 28-Aug-203.4.7
Woocommerce Store Exporter Deluxe 28-Aug-204.4
Woocommerce Dynamic Pricing 28-Aug-203.1.21
WooCommerce Product Search 28-Aug-203.1.1
Oxygen Premium 27-Aug-203.5
Yoast SEO Premium 27-Aug-2014.8.1
JetEngine for Elementor 27-Aug-202.4.10
Elegant Themes Extra 27-Aug-204.5.8
PowerPack Elements 27-Aug-202.0.3
Beaver Builder Pro 27-Aug-
Elegant Themes Divi Builder 27-Aug-204.5.8
Seopress Pro 27-Aug-203.9.1
Dynamic Content For Elementor 27-Aug-
WooCommerce Sales Report Email 27-Aug-201.1.15
WooCommerce Branding 27-Aug-201.0.27
WooCommerce Pre Orders 27-Aug-201.5.28
Woocommerce Purchase Order Gateway 27-Aug-201.2.11
Woocommerce Bulk Stock Management 27-Aug-202.2.29
WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping 27-Aug-203.0.29
Woocommerce Shipping Multiple Addresses 27/8/20203.6.22
WooCommerce Product Finder 27/8/20201.2.15
WooCommerce Min Max Quantities 27-Aug-202.4.19
WooCommerce CIM 27-Aug-203.3.0
WooCommerce Order Barcodes 27-Aug-201.3.22
Woocommerce Xero 27-Aug-201.7.33
WooCommerce WooSlider Product Slideshow 27-Aug-201.0.21
Woocommerce Coupon Campaigns 27-Aug-201.1.14
Ultimate Addons for Elementor 26-Aug-201.26.3
Ultimate Member ? User Reviews 26-Aug-202.1.8
Ultimate Member Friends 26-Aug-202.1.9
Yith Woocommerce Watermark Premium 26-Aug-201.2.9
YITH WooCommerce Stripe 26-Aug-202.0.11
Duplicator Pro 26-Aug-
WP Rich Snippets Plugin 26-Aug-202.19.1
Wp Courseware 26-Aug-204.6.13
Ultimate Member Social Activity 26-Aug-202.2.3
WooCommerce API 26-Aug-201.3.20
Woocommerce Drip 26-Aug-201.2.22
WooCommerce Give Products 26-Aug-201.1.10
WooCommerce Photography 26-Aug-201.0.26
WooCommerce Deposits 26-Aug-201.5.3
WooCommerce Products Compare 26-Aug-201.0.21
Woocommerce Email Customizer 26-Aug-201.1.17
WooCommerce Sale Flash Pro 26-Aug-201.2.18
Woocommerce Flat Rate Box Shipping 26-Aug-202.0.15
WooCommerce Group Coupons 26-Aug-201.15.0
WooCommerce Cart Addons 26-Aug-201.5.31
WooCommerce Slack 26-Aug-201.2.5
Woocommerce Composite Products 26-Aug-207.0.6
Salient – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme 26-Aug-2012.1.2
WooCommerce Conditional Shipping and Payments 25-Aug-201.8.4
WooCommerce Order Status Control 25-Aug-201.13.0
Briefcase Elementor Widgets 25-Aug-201.8.2
WooCommerce Review for Discount 25-Aug-201.6.18
Woocommerce Sequential Order Numbers Pro 25-Aug-201.16.0
WooCommerce Groups 25-Aug-201.19.0
KALLYAS - Creative eCommerce Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme 25-Aug-204.18.0
Live News - Real Time News Ticker 25-Aug-202.11
Universal Video Player - 25-Aug-203.3.2
Markety - SEO & Digital Marketing WordPress Theme 25-Aug-201.7
WooCommerce Product Enquiry Form 25-Aug-201.2.15
Woocommerce Follow-Up Emails 25-Aug-204.9.6
WooCommerce Splash Popup 25-Aug-201.2.18
Woocommerce Force Sells 25-Aug-201.1.25
Thrive Ultimatum 25-Aug-
Thrive Quiz Builder 25-Aug-
Thrive Leads 25-Aug-
Thrive Architect 25-Aug-
Thrive Apprentice - 25-Aug-
LearnDash Visual Customizer 25-Aug-
Admin Columns Pro 25-Aug-205.3.1
Martfury Wordpress Premium Theme 25-Aug-202.4.8
Media Cleaner Pro 25-Aug-206.0.3
PowerPack Beaver Builder Addon 25-Aug-202.10.3
AccessPress Social Pro 25-Aug-202.1.8
Give Stripe Gateway 25-Aug-202.2.10
PixelYourSite Super Pack 25-Aug-202.0.15
Woocommerce Multilingual 25-Aug-204.10.2
Fooevents For Woocommerce 25-Aug-201.11.45
Essential Addons for Elementor 24-Aug-204.1.3
WPML Sticky Links Addon 24-Aug-201.5.4
Yith Woocommerce Subscription 24-Aug-202.0.3
Yith Woocommerce Points And Rewards 24-Aug-201.8.1
YITH WooCommerce Name Your Price 24-Aug-201.1.13
Woocommerce Pdf Vouchers 24-Aug-204.1.12
Social Auto Poster 24-Aug-203.8.3
Jetsmartfilters 24-Aug-202.0.0
Slider Revolution 24-Aug-206.2.22
WooCommerce Point of Sale (POS) 24-Aug-205.2.11
LearnDash LMS Toolkit Addon 24-Aug-203.5.6
WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway 24-Aug-204.5.2
BeTheme - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme 24-Aug-2021.8.2
WooCommerce Software Addon 24-Aug-201.7.16
Woocommerce Api Manager 24-Aug-202.3.3
SEO WP: Online Marketing & Social Media Agency 24-Aug-202.2
Mailster - Email Newsletter Plugin for WordPress 24-Aug-202.4.13
Ubermenu - Wordpress Mega Menu Plugin 24-Aug-203.7.2
PixelYourSite Pro 23-Aug-207.6.4
WooCommerce Tabs Manager 23-Aug-201.13.0
WordPress Real Media Library 23-Aug-204.9.3
GeneratePress Premium 23-Aug-201.11.3
Beaver Themer WordPress Plugin 23-Aug-
Divi - WordPress Theme 23-Aug-204.5.7
WooCommerce Customer Order Coupons CSV Import Suite 23-Aug-203.9.0
WooCommerce Australia Post Shipping Method 23-Aug-202.4.26
WooCommerce Product CSV Import Suite 23-Aug-201.10.36
WooCommerce Product Documents 23-Aug-201.12.0
WooCommerce Per Product Shipping 23-Aug-202.3.11
Woocommerce Postcode Address Validation 23-Aug-202.7.0
WooCommerce Name Your Price 23-Aug-203.1.4
Woocommerce Admin Custom Order Fields 23-Aug-201.14.0
WooCommerce URL Coupons 23-Aug-202.10.0
Seopress Pro 22-Aug-203.9
WooCommerce Variation Swatches and Photos 22-Aug-203.1.2
WooCommerce Recommendation Engine 22-Aug-203.2.4
Ultimate Addons For Beaver Builder 22-Aug-201.28.4
Yith Woocommerce Customize My Account Page 22/8/20202.7.0
WooCommerce UPS Shipping Method 22/8/20203.2.28
YITH Woocommerce Anti-Fraud 22-Aug-201.3.3
Yith Woocommerce Added To Cart Popup 22-Aug-201.6.0
Admin Columns Pro 22/8/20205.3
WooCommerce USPS Shipping Method 22/8/20204.4.47
WooCommerce Points and Rewards 22-Aug-201.6.36
YITH WooCommerce Wishlist 22-Aug-203.0.13
WPMU DEV Ultimate Branding 22-Aug-203.3.2
WPML CMS Navigation Addon 22-Aug-201.5.4
WooCommerce Aweber Newsletter 22-Aug-203.2.1
Easy Digital Downloads Per Product Emails 22-Aug-201.1.7
Woocommerce Product Reviews Pro 22-Aug-201.16.0
WooCommerce Nested Category Layout 22-Aug-201.15.0
WooCommerce Conditional Shipping and Payments 22-Aug-201.8.3
WooCommerce Product Retailers 22-Aug-201.14.0
Yith Woocommerce Multi-Step Checkout 22-Aug-202.0.2
Yith Quick Order Forms For Woocommerce 22-Aug-201.2.6
Searchwp BBpress Integration 22-Aug-201.3.1
YITH WooCommerce Account Funds 22-Aug-201.4.1
Yith Woocommerce Ajax Search Premium 22-Aug-201.7.20
Yith Woocommerce One-Click Checkout 22-Aug-201.5.0
YITH WooCommerce Order Tracking 22-Aug-201.6.6
YITH Woocommerce Quick Export Premium 22-Aug-201.2.16
Yith Cost Of Goods For Woocommerce 22-Aug-201.2.5
YITH Woocommerce Affiliates 22-Aug-201.7.4
WooCommerce Authorize.Net Reporting 22-Aug-201.11.0
Smart Notification 22-Aug-209.2.74
WooCommerce Social Login 21-Aug-202.10.0
Ninja Forms File Uploads 21-Aug-203.3.7
Woocommerce Dynamic Pricing 21-Aug-203.1.20
Woocommerce Memberships 21-Aug-201.17.6
Woocommerce Gravity Forms Product Add-Ons 21-Aug-203.3.15
Yith Woocommerce Cart Messages Premium 21-Aug-201.7.0
WooCommerce Twilio SMS Notifications 21-Aug-201.15.0
YITH WooCommerce Uploads 21-Aug-201.2.18
WooCommerce Product Addons 21-Aug-203.0.38
WPMU DEV Google Analytics+ 21-Aug-203.2.7
Booster Plus for WooCommerce 21-Aug-205.2.1
WP Rocket 21-Aug-203.6.4
Elegant Themes Divi Builder 21-Aug-204.5.7
WPMU DEV Hustle 21-Aug-204.3.0
Elegant Themes Extra 21-Aug-204.5.7
WooCommerce Royal Mail 21-Aug-202.5.30
All In One SEO Pack Pro WordPress Plugin 21-Aug-203.7.0
GravityParks 21-Aug-202.1.11
Gravity Perks Nested Forms 21-Aug-201.0-beta-8.64
Gravity Perks Limit Checkboxes 21-Aug-201.2.13
Gravity Perks eCommerce Fields Plugin 21-Aug-201.0.41
Gravity Perks Comment Blacklist 20-Aug-201.2.8
WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor 20-Aug-201.5.36
Yoast SEO Premium 20-Aug-2014.8
Yoast Local SEO Premium 20-Aug-2013.5
Yoast Video SEO Premium 20-Aug-2013.3
Yoast WooCommerce SEO Premium 20-Aug-2013.5
Yoast News SEO Premium 20-Aug-2012.6
Wp Staging Pro 20-Aug-203.0.7
Profile Builder Pro 20-Aug-203.2.4
Toolset Forms 20-Aug-202.5.8
Thrive FocusBlog Theme 20-Aug-201.500.1
Thrive Ignition Theme 20-Aug-201.500.1
Thrive Luxe Theme 20-Aug-201.500.1
Thrive Minus Theme 20-Aug-201.500.1
Thrive Performag Theme 20-Aug-201.500.1
Thrive Voice Premium Theme 20-Aug-201.500.1
Thrive Pressive Theme 20-Aug-201.500.1
Thrive Rise Theme 20-Aug-201.500.1
Thrive Squared Theme 20-Aug-201.500.1
Thrive Storied Theme 20-Aug-201.500.1
Themify Builder Infinite Posts Addon 19-Aug-201.1.6
Themify Builder WordPress Plugin 19-Aug-204.7.4
Ninja Forms File Uploads 19-Aug-203.3.6
Perfmatters - Lightweight Wordpress Performance Plugin 19-Aug-201.6.0
WooCommerce One Page Checkout 19-Aug-201.7.8
Thrive Theme Builder 19-Aug-201.6.1
League Table WordPress Plugin 19-Aug-202.08
Woocommerce Chase Paymentech 19-Aug-201.15.0
WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping Method 19-Aug-202.5.18
WooCommerce Cart Notices 19-Aug-201.12.0
WordPress Real Media Library 19-Aug-204.9.2
Woocommerce Amazon S3 Storage 19-Aug-202.1.21
WooCommerce Distance Rate Shipping 19-Aug-201.0.25
WooCommerce Moneris Payment Gateway 19-Aug-202.14.0
Woocommerce Currency Converter Widget 19-Aug-201.6.23
WooCommerce PDF Product Vouchers 19-Aug-203.8.0
WooCommerce Product Vendors 19-Aug-202.1.42
WooCommerce Product Search 19-Aug-203.0.0
WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Method 19-Aug-203.4.32
Woocommerce Google Product Feeds 19-Aug-209.0.2
Thrive Comments 18-Aug-201.4.6
Ultimate Member Mailchimp 18-Aug-202.2.6
Gravity Forms WordPress Plugin 18-Aug-
WooCommerce Quick View 18-Aug-201.4
Woocommerce Multiple Customer Addresses 18-Aug-2017.9
WordPress Keyword Tool ? Keyword research 18-Aug-202.3.3
User Extra Fields 18-Aug-2015.0
Fundrize - Responsive Donation & Charity WordPress Theme 18-Aug-201.13
Advanced iFrame Pro 18-Aug-202020.7
Slider Revolution 18-Aug-206.2.21
JetElements - Addon for Elementor Page Builder 18-Aug-202.3.2
Permalink Manager Pro 18-Aug-
Give Gift Aid 18-Aug-201.2.5
Give Tributes 18-Aug-201.5.8
Enfold - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme 18-Aug-
Advanced Custom Fields Pro 18-Aug-205.9.0
Give Form Field Manager 18-Aug-201.4.8
Woocommerce Beanstream / Bambora Payment Gateway 18-Aug-202.3.0
WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway 18-Aug-204.5.1
Woocommerce Account Funds 18-Aug-202.3.0
Woocommerce Bookings 18-Aug-201.15.24
FacetWP - Advanced Filtering for WordPress 18-Aug-203.5.10
Enfold - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme 18-Aug-
Slider Revolution 17-Aug-206.2.20
Cost Calculator ? Wordpress Plugin 17-Aug-202.3.2
Projecthuddle 17-Aug-203.9.29
AnyWhere Elementor Pro 2.15.5 WordPress Plugin17-Aug-202.15.5
ListingPro - WordPress Premium Directory Theme 17-Aug-202.5.10
Ninja Forms Conditional Logic 17-Aug-203.0.28
Give Stripe Gateway 17-Aug-202.2.9
Give Fee Recovery 17-Aug-201.8.0
Photography WordPress Theme for Photography 17-Aug-202.0.3
iThemes Security Pro 17-Aug-206.6.5
Cool Timeline Pro 17-Aug-203.4.6
Thrive Ultimatum 17-Aug-
Thrive Quiz Builder 17-Aug-
Thrive Architect 17-Aug-
Thrive Apprentice - 17-Aug-
FormCraft - Premium WordPress Form Builder 16-Aug-203.8.19
WordPress GDPR 16-Aug-201.9.5
Ultimate Membership Pro - WordPress Membership Plugin 16-Aug-209.2
Premium Seo Pack 16-Aug-203.3.1
Bimber - Viral Magazine WordPress Theme 16-Aug-208.3.3
Flatsome | Multi-Purpose Responsive WooCommerce Theme 16-Aug-203.12.2
Beaver Builder Pro 16-Aug-
Thrive Storied Theme 16-Aug-201.500
Thrive Squared Theme 16-Aug-201.500
Thrive Rise Theme 16-Aug-201.500
Thrive Pressive Theme 16-Aug-201.500
Thrive Voice Premium Theme 16-Aug-201.500
Thrive Performag Theme 16-Aug-201.500
Thrive Minus Theme 16-Aug-201.500
Thrive Luxe Theme 15-Aug-201.500
Thrive Ignition Theme 15-Aug-201.500
Thrive FocusBlog Theme 15-Aug-201.500
wpDataTables - Tables and Charts Manager for WordPress 15-Aug-203.0.3
Tax Display by Country for WooCommerce 15-Aug-
Univero - Education LMS & Courses WordPress Theme 15-Aug-201.10
Impreza - Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme 15-Aug-207.8.4
Wordpress Automatic Plugin 15-Aug-203.50.5
Touchy - WordPress Mobile Menu Plugin 15-Aug-204.1
Genesis Extender Plugin 15-Aug-201.9.7
GeneratePress Premium 15-Aug-201.11.2
PowerPack Elements 15-Aug-202.0.2
Slider Revolution 15-Aug-206.2.19
PixelYourSite Pro 15-Aug-207.6.2
PowerPack Beaver Builder Addon 15-Aug-202.10.1
PowerPack Beaver Builder Addon 14-Aug-202.10.0
Yith Woocommerce Multi-Step Checkout 14-Aug-202.0.1
Advanced Custom Fields Pro 14-Aug-205.8.14
Ultimate Member Profile Completeness 14-Aug-202.1.6
Ultimate member notices 14-Aug-202.0.7
Ultimate Member ? Private Messages 14-Aug-202.2.8
Ultimate Member ? Real-Time Notifications 14-Aug-202.1.7
Ultimate Member Social Login 14-Aug-202.3.4
Ultimate Member Verified Users 14-Aug-202.0.8
Ultimate Member Users Tags 14-Aug-202.1.5
Ultimate Member Woocommerce 14-Aug-202.2.3
YITH Woocommerce Delivery Date 14-Aug-202.1.17
Yith Woocommerce Product Slider Carousel 14-Aug-201.0.39
Yith Woocommerce Pdf Invoice And Shipping List 14-Aug-202.0.16
WooCommerce Quick View 14-Aug-201.3.1
Ultimate member social activity 14-Aug-202.2.2
Ultimate Member Mycred 14-Aug-202.1.9
Thrive Ultimatum 14-Aug-202.3.0
Thrive Ovation 14-Aug-202.3.5
Thrive Optimize 14-Aug-201.4.4
Thrive Headline Optimizer 14-Aug-201.3.0
Thrive Clever Widgets 14-Aug-201.56
Thrive Architect 14-Aug-202.5.8
Thrive Apprentice - 14-Aug-202.3.0
Admin Menu Editor Pro 14-Aug-202.12.1
Astra Pro Wordpress Premium Theme 14-Aug-202.5.4
WPML CMS Navigation Addon 14-Aug-201.5.3
Essential Addons for Elementor 14-Aug-204.1.2
Scroll Magic - Scrolling Animation Builder WordPress Plugin 14-Aug-
Thrive Comments 14-Aug-
Thrive Quiz Builder 14-Aug-
Yith Woocommerce Dynamic Pricing And Discounts 13-Aug-201.6.8
YITH WooCommerce Social Login 13-Aug-201.6.1
WooCommerce Subscriptions 13-Aug-203.0.7
WooCommerce Advanced Notifications 13-Aug-201.2.27
Woocommerce Follow-Up Emails 13-Aug-204.9.5
WooCommerce Shipment Tracking 13-Aug-201.6.24
WooCommerce USPS Shipping Method 13-Aug-204.4.46
WooCommerce Additional Variation Images 13-Aug-201.7.24
Yith Woocommerce Gift Cards 13-Aug-203.1.7
YITH Woocommerce Barcodes and QR Codes 13-Aug-202.0.2
Analytify Pro Email Notifications 13-Aug-201.3.1
iThemes BackupBuddy 13-Aug-
WPMU DEV Defender 13-Aug-202.3.1
Astra Pro Addon 13-Aug-202.6.3
Convert Pro 13/8/20201.5.1
Convert Pro Addons 13/8/2020 1.4.2
Ultimate Addons for WPBakery Page Builder 13-Aug-203.19.6
Fooevents For Woocommerce 13-Aug-201.11.44
WooCommerce Returns and Warranty Request 13-Aug-201.9.18
WooCommerce Intuit QBMS Payment Gateway 13-Aug-202.8.0
WooCommerce PDF Invoices 13-Aug-204.7.2
WooCommerce Ajax Layered Navigation 13-Aug-201.4.25
wpDataTables - Tables and Charts Manager for WordPress 13-Aug-203.0.2
BeTheme - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme 13-Aug-2021.8.1
Thrive Theme Builder 13-Aug-201.5.4
Elegant Themes Extra 13-Aug-204.5.6
Divi - WordPress Theme 13-Aug-204.5.6
Slider Revolution 13-Aug-206.2.18
UpStream Custom Fields 12-Aug-201.9.1
GravityView – Social Sharing & SEO 12-Aug-203.0
GravityView – Gravity Forms Calendar 12-Aug-201.4.1
WPMU DEV SmartCrawl 12-Aug-202.7.0
WPMU DEV Hummingbird Pro 12-Aug-202.5.3
Elegant Themes Divi Builder 12-Aug-204.5.6
Elementor Extras 12-Aug-202.2.33
AnyWhere Elementor Pro 2.15.4 WordPress Plugin12-Aug-202.15.4
Enfold - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme 12-Aug-
Salient – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme 12-Aug-2012.1.1
User Role Editor Pro 12-Aug-204.57
WordPress Real Media Library 12-Aug-204.9.1
Profile Builder Pro 12-Aug-203.2.3
Optimizer PRO 0.7.3. WordPress Plugin12-Aug-200.7.3
Flatsome | Multi-Purpose Responsive WooCommerce Theme 12-Aug-203.12.1
Rankie - Wordpress Rank Tracker Plugin 12-Aug-201.6.6
Genesis - Theme for WordPress 12-Aug-203.3.3
WPForms Basic 12-Aug-
Schema Pro WordPress Plugin 12-Aug-202.1.2
Ultimate Addons for Elementor 12-Aug-201.26.2
Wp All Import Pro 12-Aug-204.6.3
Link Cloaking Add-On For WP All Import 12-Aug-20 1.1.2
Ninja Beaver Pro WordPress Plugin 11-Aug-203.5
Page Builder Framework Premium Addon 11-Aug-202.5.6
LearnDash LMS Notifications Addon 11-Aug-201.4.1
Admin Menu Editor Pro 11-Aug-202.12
Easy Digital Downloads Recurring Payments 11-Aug-202.9.11
Advanced Custom Fields Pro 11-Aug-205.8.13
Fundrize - Responsive Donation & Charity WordPress Theme 11-Aug-201.12
Shop Isle Pro WordPress Theme 11-Aug-202.2.55
Zerif Pro WordPress Theme 11-Aug-202.1.6
WooCommerce AutomateWoo 11-Aug-205.0.1
Elegant Themes Extra 10-Aug-204.5.5
Divi - WordPress Theme 10-Aug-204.5.5
Elegant Themes Divi Builder 10-Aug-204.5.5
WooCommerce Points and Rewards 10-Aug-201.6.35
Woocommerce Redsys Payment Gateway 10-Aug-209.4.0
Woocommerce Follow-Up Emails 10-Aug-204.9.4
Woocommerce Shipping Multiple Addresses 10-Aug-203.6.21
WooCommerce Product Finder 10-Aug-201.2.14
WooCommerce Product Vendors 10-Aug-202.1.41
WooCommerce Returns and Warranty Request 10-Aug-201.9.17
Woocommerce Elavon Converge Payment Gateway 10-Aug-202.7.0
WPForms Basic 9-Aug-
Astra Pro Wordpress Premium Theme 9-Aug-202.5.3
LearnDash LMS Notifications Addon 9-Aug-201.4.1
Directories Pro Wordpress Premium Theme 9-Aug-204.0.13
Swift Performance 9-Aug-202.2.1
Gravity Forms User Registration 9-Aug-204.5.7
iThemes Security Pro 9-Aug-206.6.4
GeneratePress Premium 9-Aug-201.11.1
Social Auto Poster 9-Aug-203.8.2
WooCommerce Shipping Tracking 9-Aug-2026.4
Gravity Forms WordPress Plugin 8-Aug-202.4.20
LearnDash LMS Stripe Integration Addon 8-Aug-201.6.0
WordPress GDPR 8-Aug-201.9.4
iThemes Security Pro 8-Aug-206.6.3
Projecthuddle 8-Aug-203.9.26
Woocommerce Multilingual 8-Aug-204.10.0
Sahifa - Responsive WordPress News / Magazine / Blog Theme 8-Aug-205.7.2
Astra Pro Wordpress Premium Theme 8-Aug-202.5.2
Woocommerce Sagepay Form 8-Aug-204.5.3
Wp Courseware 8-Aug-204.6.12
Impreza - Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme 7-Aug-207.8
Beaver Builder Pro 7-Aug-202.4
TapTap: A Super Customizable WordPress Mobile Menu 7-Aug-205.2
Astra Pro Addon 7-Aug-202.6.2
Gravity Forms Zoho CRM 7-Aug-201.11.1
Analytify Pro WooCommerce 7-Aug-203.0.2
Bimber - Viral Magazine WordPress Theme 7-Aug-208.3.2
Premium Seo Pack 7-Aug-203.3.0
WooCommerce Name Your Price 7-Aug-203.1.3
WooCommerce Smart Coupons 7-Aug-204.7.8
WooCommerce Print Invoices & Packing List 7-Aug-203.8.7
WooCommerce Customer Order Coupons CSV Import Suite 7-Aug-203.8.8
LearnDash Visual Customizer 7-Aug-
WoodMart - Responsive WooCommerce WordPress Theme 7-Aug-205.1.0
Woocommerce Delivery Slots By Iconic (Premium) 6-Aug-201.11.1
Duplicator Pro 6-Aug-
SearchWP Polylang Integration 6-Aug-201.3.2
Gravity Perks Nested Forms6-Aug-20 1.0-beta-8.63
Gravity Perks Media Library 6-Aug-201.2.14
Convert Pro 6-Aug-201.5.0
Convert Pro Addons 6-Aug-201.4.1
Woocommerce Restricted Shipping And Payment Pro 5-Aug-202.1.1
Easy Digital Downloads Custom Deliverables 5-Aug-201.0.3
WooCommerce MultiStep Checkout Wizard 5-Aug-203.7.0
WooCommerce Shipping Tracking 5-Aug-2026.3
JetEngine for Elementor 5-Aug-202.4.9
SearchWP WordPress Plugin 5-Aug-204.0.28
Yoast SEO Premium 5-Aug-2014.7
GeneratePress Premium 5-Aug-201.11.0-rc.1
Gravity Forms WordPress Plugin 5-Aug-
SearchWP Enable Media Replace 5-Aug-201.1.2
WPML String Translation Addon 5-Aug-203.1.0-b.1
WPML WordPress Multilingual CMS Plugin 5-Aug-204.4.0-b.1
WPML Media Translation Addon 5-Aug-202.5.6-b.1
Jetsmartfilters 5-Aug-201.8.4
BeTheme - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme 5-Aug-2021.8
Page Builder Framework Premium Addon 5-Aug-202.5.5
Woocommerce Store Exporter Deluxe 4-Aug-204.3.1
Elegant Themes Divi Builder 4-Aug-204.5.3
Divi - WordPress Theme 4-Aug-204.5.3
Elegant Themes Extra 4-Aug-204.5.3
WP Rocket 4-Aug-203.6.3
Gravity Forms Stripe 4-Aug-203.7.3
SearchWP WooCommerce Integration 4-Aug-201.3.9
Super Forms - Drag & Drop Form Builder 3-Aug-204.9.506
Event Tickets Plus 3-Aug-204.12.3
WP All Export Pro 3-Aug-201.6.2
WooCommerce PDF Watermark 3-Aug-201.2.1
GeoDirectory Social Importer 3-Aug-
Ninja Forms Conditional Logic 3-Aug-203.0.27
Woocommerce Sagepay Form 3-Aug-204.5.2
Adrenalin - Multi-Purpose WooCommerce Theme 2-Aug-202.0.8
Thrive Theme Builder 2-Aug-201.5.3
Easy Digital Downloads Sendy 2-Aug-201.1.2
Visualizer Charts And Graphs Wordpress Plugin 2-Aug-201.9.5
Woocommerce Customer Order Csv Export 1-Aug-205.0.14
GeoDirectory Claim Listings 1-Aug-
Gravity Forms Coupons 1-Aug-202.10.2
Woocommerce Postcode Address Validation 1-Aug-202.6.7
Ultimate Addons for Elementor 1-Aug-201.26.1
Ultimate Addons For Beaver Builder 1-Aug-201.28.2
PowerPack Elements 1-Aug-202.0.1
Woocommerce Lightspeed Pos 1-Aug-201.8.1
WooCommerce PDF Invoices 1-Aug-204.7.1
Element Pack - Addon for Elementor Page Builder WordPress Plugin 1-Aug-205.3.1
GeoDirectory Franchise Manager 1-Aug-
GeoDirectory Advanced Search Filters 1-Aug-
Profile Builder Pro 31-Jul-203.2.1
Divi Booster 31-Jul-203.2.8
WooCommerce AutomateWoo 31-Jul-205.0.0
Social Auto Poster 31-Jul-203.8.1
Ubermenu - Wordpress Mega Menu Plugin 31-Jul-203.7.1
Gravity Forms Get Response 31-Jul-201.4.3
WordPress Real Media Library 31-Jul-204.9.0
Ultimate Membership Pro - WordPress Membership Plugin 31-Jul-209.1
Yith Frontend Manager For Woocommerce 31-Jul-201.6.11
FacetWP - Advanced Filtering for WordPress 31-Jul-203.5.9
Woocommerce Google Product Feeds 31-Jul-209.0.1
Astra Pro Wordpress Premium Theme 31-Jul-202.5.1
Essential Addons for Elementor 31-Jul-204.1.1
GeoDirectory Location Manager 31-Jul-
JetReviews - Reviews Widget for Elementor Page Builder 30-Jul-202.0.0
Thrive FocusBlog Theme 30-Jul-201.416.1
Thrive Ignition Theme 30-Jul-201.416.1
Thrive Luxe Theme 30-Jul-201.416.1
Thrive Minus Theme 30-Jul-201.416.1
Thrive Performag Theme 30-Jul-201.416.1
Thrive Voice Premium Theme 30-Jul-201.416.1
Thrive Pressive Theme 30-Jul-201.416.1
Thrive Rise Theme 30-Jul-201.416.1
Thrive Squared Theme 30-Jul-201.416.1
Thrive Storied Theme 30-Jul-201.416.1
WordPress GDPR 30-Jul-201.9.3
WPMU DEV Hummingbird Pro 30-Jul-202.5.1
Beaver Builder Pro 30-Jul-
WooCommerce Subscriptions 30-Jul-203.0.6
LearnDash LMS Toolkit Addon 30-Jul-203.5.4
WP All Export Pro 30-Jul-201.6.1
Gravity Forms Chained Selects 30-Jul-201.4.1
Mainwp Client Reports 30-Jul-204.0.4
JetElements - Addon for Elementor Page Builder 29-Jul-202.3.1
Astra Pro Wordpress Premium Theme 29-Jul-202.5.0
Astra Pro Addon 29-Jul-202.6.1
The Events Calendar Filterbar 29-Jul-204.10.1
The Events Calendar Pro 29-Jul-205.1.4
Yith Woocommerce Multi Vendor 29-Jul-203.7.0
Visual Composer Addon - Multimedia Playlist Slider for WPBakery Page Builder 28-Jul-201.7.3
Woocommerce Redsys Payment Gateway 28-Jul-209.3.0
Woocommerce Pdf Vouchers 28-Jul-204.1.10
Woocommerce Store Exporter Deluxe 28-Jul-204.3
Woocommerce Mix And Match Products 28-Jul-201.10.0
WooCommerce Instagram 28-Jul-203.3.1
MainWP Boilerplate Extension 28-Jul-204.0.2
Admin Columns Pro 28-Jul-205.2.3
Woocommerce Google Product Feeds 28-Jul-209.0.0
Thrive Ultimatum 27-Jul-
Thrive Quiz Builder 27-Jul-
Thrive Architect 27-Jul-
Thrive Apprentice - 27-Jul-
SearchWP WordPress Plugin 27-Jul-204.0.27
WPMU DEV Snapshot Pro 27-Jul-204.0.2
Give Razorpay Gateway 27-Jul-201.4.4
Element Pack - Addon for Elementor Page Builder WordPress Plugin 27-Jul-205.3.0
Analytify Pro Email Notifications 27-Jul-201.3.0
Beaver Themer WordPress Plugin 26-Jul-
GravityView 26-Jul-
WP User Frontend Pro 26-Jul-203.3.1
Electro Electronics Store WooCommerce Theme 26-Jul-202.5.8
Enfold - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme 26-Jul-
WooCommerce Order Barcodes 26-Jul-201.3.21
WooCommerce Conditional Shipping and Payments 26-Jul-201.8.2
WooCommerce Order Delivery 26-Jul-201.7.0
YITH Woocommerce Popup 26-Jul-201.4.4
WooCommerce Product Vendors 26-Jul-202.1.39
YITH Woocommerce Custom Order Status26-Jul-20 1.2.2
YITH Payment Gateway26-Jul-20 1.2.0
Yith Woocommerce Minimum Maximum Quantity 25-Jul-201.5.0
WooCommerce Aweber Newsletter 25-Jul-203.1.0
Woocommerce Free Gift Coupons 25-Jul-202.5.2
Yith Woocommerce Terms & Conditions Popup 25-Jul-201.2.12
Yith Woocommerce Coupon Email System 25-Jul-201.4.5
JetMenu – Mega Menu for Elementor Page Builder 24-Jul-202.0.5
Thrive Ovation 24-Jul-202.3.4
Thrive Comments 24-Jul-201.4.5
Thrive Optimize 24-Jul-201.4.3
Thrive Ultimatum 24-Jul-202.2.17
Thrive Headline Optimizer 24-Jul-201.2.9
Thrive Apprentice - 2.2.1824-Jul-202.2.18
Thrive Quiz Builder 24-Jul-202.2.18
Thrive Architect 24-Jul-202.5.7
AffiliateWP WordPress Plugin 24-Jul-202.5.6
Jessica Theme 24-Jul-201.8.4
Brunch Pro Theme 24-Jul-204.4.0
Foodie Pro Theme 24-Jul-204.4.0
Magazine Pro Theme 24-Jul-203.6.0
Admin Columns Pro ? Pods 23-Jul-205.2.1
Admin Columns Pro ? WooCommerce Addon 23-Jul-203.5.1
Page Builder Framework Premium Addon 23-Jul-202.5.2
Restrict Content Pro ? Group Accounts 23-Jul-202.1.2
Woocommerce 360? Image 23-Jul-201.1.16
WooCommerce Waitlist 23-Jul-202.1.24
WooCommerce MultiStep Checkout Wizard 23-Jul-203.6.9
Booster Plus for WooCommerce23-Jul-20 5.1.1
Woocommerce Bookings23-Jul-20 1.15.23
WooCommerce Instagram 23-Jul-203.3.0
SearchWP WooCommerce Integration22-Jul-20 1.3.7
Yith Woocommerce Anti-Fraud22-Jul-20 2.7.4
WP Rocket22-Jul-20
YITH WooCommerce Product Countdown 22-Jul-201.4.3
Yith Deals For Woocommerce Premium 22-Jul-201.0.14
Woocommerce Store Exporter Deluxe 22-Jul-204.2
YITH Woocommerce Review Reminder22-Jul-20 1.6.8
Yith Woocommerce Review For Discounts Premium 22-Jul-201.3.6
YITH Woocommerce Barcodes and QR Codes 22-Jul-202.0.1
Ultimate Member Instagram 22-Jul-202.0.6
SearchWP WordPress Plugin22-Jul-20 4.0.26
Yoast WooCommerce SEO Premium 22-Jul-2014.6.1
Yoast Local SEO Premium 22-Jul-2013.4
Yoast News SEO Premium22-Jul-20 12.5
Yoast Video SEO Premium22-Jul-20 13.2
Convert Pro22-Jul-20 1.4.9
Restrict Content Pro ? Hard-Set Expiration Dates 21-Jul-201.1.3
Yith Woocommerce Product Add-Ons21-Jul-20 1.5.28
Yith Composite Products For Woocommerce 21-Jul-201.1.21
Yith Product Shipping For Woocommerce 21-Jul-201.0.27
WPMU DEV Hummingbird Pro 21-Jul-202.5.0
Ultimate Addons For Beaver Builder21-Jul-20 1.28.0
JetEngine for Elementor21-Jul-20 2.4.7
JetElements - Addon for Elementor Page Builder 21-Jul-202.3.0
Element Pack - Addon for Elementor Page Builder WordPress Plugin 21-Jul-205.2.0
Ninja Beaver Addon21-Jul-20 3.3
JetTabs - Tabs and Accordions for Elementor Page Builder21-Jul-20 2.1.7
Gravity Forms Paypal Payments Pro 21-Jul-202.5.1
Restrict Content Pro ? Mailchimp Pro21-Jul-20 1.5
Mainwp Favorites 21-Jul-204.0.3
Yith Woocommerce Customer History 21-Jul-201.1.18
WPMU DEV Hustle21-Jul-20 4.2.1
WooCommerce Social Login 21-Jul-202.9.0
Woocommerce Restricted Shipping And Payment Pro20-Jul-20 2.1.0
Gravity Forms Mailchimp 20-Jul-204.7.1
Wordpress Store Locator 20-Jul-201.11.3
Divi Booster 20-Jul-203.2.6
Yith Cost Of Goods For Woocommerce 20-Jul-201.2.4
Yith Custom Thankyou Page For Woocommerce Premium20-Jul-20 1.2.5
YITH Woocommerce SMS Notification 20-Jul-201.4.7
YITH Woocommerce Quick Export Premium 20-Jul-201.2.15
Yith Woocommerce Pdf Invoice And Shipping List20-Jul-20 2.0.15
YITH WooCommerce Social Login20-Jul-20 1.6.0
Yith Booking And Appointment For Woocommerce 20-Jul-202.1.15
YITH WooCommerce Stripe 20-Jul-202.0.10
YITH WooCommerce Wishlist20-Jul-20 3.0.11
YITH WooCommerce Uploads20-Jul-20 1.2.17
Yith Woocommerce Frequently Bought Together19-Jul-20 1.7.0
PowerPack Beaver Builder Addon 19-Jul-202.9.2
Woocommerce Redsys Payment Gateway 19-Jul-209.2.3
Woocommerce Composite Products 19-Jul-207.0.5
Woocommerce Sagepay Form 19-Jul-204.5.1
YITH Color and Label Variations 19-Jul-201.10.3
Yith Woocommerce Customize My Account Page19-Jul-20 2.6.4
Yith Stripe Connect For Woocommerce Premium19-Jul-20 2.1.2
Yith Woocommerce Points And Rewards 19-Jul-201.8.0
YITH Sequential Order Number19-Jul-201.2.3
Yith Woocommerce Cart Messages Premium 19-Jul-201.6.9
YITH Woocommerce MailChimp 19-Jul-202.1.7
YITH Woocommerce Affiliates 19-Jul-201.7.3
Yith Woocommerce Ajax Search Premium19-Jul-20 1.7.11
YITH WooCommerce Best Sellers19-Jul-20 1.1.19
Yith Woocommerce Frequently Bought Together 19-Jul-201.6.2
Yith Geoip Languague Redirect For Woocommerce 19-Jul-201.0.16
JetTricks for Elementor 19-Jul-201.2.10
Give Recurring Donations 18-Jul-201.10.6
YITH WooCommerce Bulk Product Editing18-Jul-20 1.2.24
YITH WooCommerce Email Templates18-Jul-20 1.3.27
SearchWP WordPress Plugin 18-Jul-204.0.25
Page Builder Framework Premium Addon18-Jul-20 2.5.1
Yith Event Tickets For Woocommerce Premium 18-Jul-201.4.3
YITH WooCommerce Share for Discounts 18-Jul-201.6.1
Schema Pro WordPress Plugin 18-Jul-202.1.1
Elegant Themes Extra18-Jul-20 4.5.1
Yith Quick Order Forms For Woocommerce 18-Jul-201.2.4
YITH Google Product Feed 18-Jul-201.1.13
YITH WooCommerce Order Tracking 18-Jul-201.6.5
Thrive Ultimatum 18-Jul-
WooCommerce AutomateWoo 18-Jul-204.9.8
YITH WooCommerce Brands Add-on 18-Jul-201.3.10
Elegant Themes Divi Builder18-Jul-20 4.5.1
Easy Digital Downloads Sendy18-Jul-20 1.1.1
Essential Addons for Elementor17-Jul-20 4.1.0
Woocommerce Product Filter17-Jul-20 7.3.3
Yith Woocommerce Subscription 17-Jul-202.0.2
Listify - WordPress Directory Theme 17-Jul-202.13.1
Mainwp Ithemes Security17-Jul-20 4.0.3
All In One SEO Pack Pro WordPress Plugin17-Jul-20 3.6.2
iThemes BackupBuddy 17-Jul-
Coupon Wordpress Premium Theme 17-Jul-202.1.16
GeoDirectory Advanced Search Filters17-Jul-20
geodir ajax duplicate alert 17-Jul-
GeoDirectory Franchise Manager 17-Jul-
GeoDirectory Location Manager 17-Jul-
Slider Revolution 17-Jul-206.2.17
Gravity Forms User Registration17-Jul-20 4.5.4
Responsive Zoom In/Out Slider 17-Jul-204.3.1
WPMU DEV Snapshot Pro 17-Jul-203.3.0
Beaver Themer WordPress Plugin 17-Jul-
SearchWP WooCommerce Integration 17-Jul-201.3.5
Gravity Forms Stripe 17-Jul-203.7
PowerPack Beaver Builder Addon17-Jul-20 2.9.1
Woocommerce Google Product Feeds17-Jul-20 8.1.4
Yith Woocommerce Gift Cards 17-Jul-203.1.6
Gravity Forms Dropbox 17-Jul-202.7
SearchWP WordPress Plugin17-Jul-20 4.0.23
Permalink Manager Pro17-Jul-20
Gravity Forms Helpscout 17-Jul-201.14
Gravity Forms Slack 17-Jul-201.11
Gravity Forms Zoho CRM 17-Jul-201.11
Agent Focused Pro Theme13-Jul-20 2.0.0
Agency Pro Theme13-Jul-20 3.1.5
Storefront Product Hero 13-Jul-201.2.13
Storefront Homepage Contact Section 13-Jul-201.0.3
WPMU DEV Status 13-Jul-201.8.4
WPMU DEV Slide In13-Jul-20 1.2
WPMU DEV Site Categories 13-Jul-
WPMU DEV Popup Pro 13-Jul-204.8.1
WPMU DEV Simple Ads 13-Jul-201.0.6
WPMU DEV Signup Code 13-Jul-
Sensei BadgeOS 13-Jul-201.0.4
WooCommerce Email Verification 13-Jul-201.3
WPMU DEV Reader13-Jul-20 1.2.6
WPMU DEV Password Protect 13-Jul-201.1
WPMU DEV Private Messaging 13-Jul-
WPMU DEV Pretty Plugins13-Jul-20 1.5.5
Elegance Pro Theme 13-Jul-202.0.1
Education Pro Theme 13-Jul-203.0.2
Education Pro Theme 13-Jul-203.0.2
Author Pro Theme 13-Jul-201.2.4
Atmosphere Pro Theme 13-Jul-201.1.3
Aspire Pro Theme13-Jul-20 1.3.0
AgentPress Pro Theme 13-Jul-203.1.3
Woocommerce Sofort Payment Gateway 24-Jan-201.4.4
WooCommerce Instagram 27-Jan-202.2.1
WooCommerce KissMetrics 27-Jan-201.14.1
WooCommerce Lightspeed 27-Jan-201.7.1
WooCommerce Nested Category Layout 27-Jan-201.14.1
WooCommerce One Page Checkout27-Jan-201.7.2
WooCommerce Conditional Shipping and Payments 27-Jan-201.7.2
WooCommerce Constant Contact Integration 27-Jan-201.12.0
WooCommerce Customer Order Coupons CSV Import Suite 27-Jan-203.8.1
WooCommerce Distance Rate Shipping27-Jan-201.0.15
WooCommerce FreshBooks 27-Jan-203.14.1
WooCommerce 2Checkout Inline Checkout 27-Jan-201.1.15
Alipay Cross Border Payment Gateway for WooCommerce 27-Jan-202.9.2
Alipay Cross Border Payment Gateway for WooCommerce 27-Jan-202.9.2
WooCommerce CIM 27-Jan-203.1.3
WooCommerce DPM Payment Gateway 27-Jan-201.8.1
WooCommerce Bluepay Payment Gateway 27-Jan-201.1.8
WooCommerce Intuit QBMS Payment Gateway 28-Jan-202.6.1
WooCommerce Paypal Adaptive Payments 28-Jan-201.1.11
WooCommerce Paypal Advanced 28-Jan-201.24.10
WooCommerce Branding 28-Jan-201.0.22
WooCommerce Brands 28-Jan-201.6.11
WooCommerce Bulk Download 28-Jan-201.2.13
WooCommerce Cart Addons 28-Jan-201.5.24
WooCommerce Cart Notices 28-Jan-201.11.1
WooCommerce Cart Reports 28-Jan-201.2.7
WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor 28-Jan-201.5.27
Bolder Fees for WooCommerce 28-Jan-201.5
iThemes Video Showcase 28-Jan-201.1.72
Visual Composer Addon - HTML5 Audio Player PRO 28-Jan-201.8
Visual Composer Addon - Multimedia Carousel 28-Jan-201.4
Wedding - All in One WordPress Theme 28-Jan-201.5
Widget Ninja - Ultimate Widget Controller 28-Jan-201.6.0
WooCommerce Additional Variation Images 28-Jan-201.7.18
WooCommerce Advanced Notifications 28-Jan-201.2.19
WooCommerce Ajax Layered Navigation 28-Jan-201.4.19
WooCommerce Authorize.Net Reporting 28-Jan-201.10.1
WooCommerce Aweber Newsletter 28-Jan-202.0.7
Markety - SEO & Digital Marketing WordPress Theme 28-Jan-201.6
iThemes ThumbsUp 28-Jan-201.3.24
iThemes Tipsy for DisplayBuddy 28-Jan-201.0.36
Proven ? Social Proof WordPress Plugin 28-Jan-201.1.1
UberSlider- Layer Slider WordPress Plugin 28-Jan-
LearnDash LMS Toolkit Addon 28-Jan-203.4.1
Univero - Education LMS & Courses WordPress Theme 28-Jan-201.5
iThemes VidEmbed 28-Jan-201.0.44
Videoly - Video WordPress Theme 28-Jan-201.2
Publisher - Newspaper Magazine 28-Jan-207.6.2
Feedzy RSS Feeds Pro 28-Jan-201.6.8
Soliloquy WooCommerce Addon 28-Jan-201.1.5
Sticky Radio Player WordPress Plugin 29-Jan-
Storefront Mega Menus 29-Jan-201.6.2
Woocommerce Storefront Parallax Hero 29-Jan-201.5.7
Storefront Pricing Tables 29-Jan-201.1.0
Styler - Icons, Fonts and CSS Generator for WP 29-Jan-201.5
Super Forms - PayPal 29-Jan-201.2.0
iThemes Tailored Login 29-Jan-201.0.43
The Barber Shop - One Page Theme For Hair Salon 29-Jan-201.8.2
Soliloquy Carousel Addon 29-Jan-202.2.2
Soliloquy CSS Addon 29-Jan-202.2.1
Soliloquy Defaults Addon 29-Jan-202.2.0
Soliloquy Dynamic Addon 29-Jan-202.3.3
Soliloquy Featured Content Addon 29-Jan-202.4.5
Soliloquy Instagram Addon 29-Jan-202.2.2
Soliloquy Lightbox Addon 29-Jan-202.3.4
Soliloquy Pinterest Addon 29-Jan-202.2.0
Soliloquy Protection Addon 29-Jan-201.1.1
Soliloquy Schedule Addon 29-Jan-202.3.2
Soliloquy Slider Themes Addon 29-Jan-202.2.0
Soliloquy Thumbnails Addon 29-Jan-202.3.4
WPMU DEV Snapshot Pro 29-Jan-
Product Filter for WooCommerce 29-Jan-207.2.5
Prospect - Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme 29-Jan-201.1.1
iThemes DisplayBuddy Rotating images 5-Feb-201.3.14
iThemes DisplayBuddy Rotating Text 5-Feb-201.0.43
Sensei Content Drip 5-Feb-202.0.1
Weather WordPress Shortcode & Widget - Simple Weather Plugin 5-Feb-204.3.3
iThemes DisplayBuddy Slides 5-Feb-201.0.42
iThemes DisplayBuddy Slideshow 5-Feb-203.0.14
Smart Cleanup Tools 5-Feb-204.8
Oblique Pro Wordpress Premium Theme 5-Feb-202.0.16
OceanWP Portfolio 5-Feb-201.1.10
OceanWP Side Panel 5-Feb-201.0.13
OceanWP Sticky Header 5-Feb-201.1.12
Padre - Cafe & Restaurant WordPress Theme 5-Feb-201.0.10
Pinterest to WordPress Plugin 5-Feb-201.1.0
Pirate Forms Pro WordPress Plugin 5-Feb-201.6.2
PixelYourSite Super Pack 5-Feb-202.0.8
Precise - A Modern, Minimalistic Shop Theme 5-Feb-201.3
Product Catalog Feed Pro 5-Feb-204.0.10
Ninja Forms WebMerge 5-Feb-203.0.3
Ninja Forms Zapier 5-Feb-203.0.8
Ninja Forms Zoho Creator 5-Feb-201.1
Nivo Slider WordPress Plugin 5-Feb-203.1.1
Ninja Forms PayPal Express 5-Feb-203.0.15
Ninja Forms PDF Form Submissions 5-Feb-203.0.5
Ninja Forms Front-End Posting 5-Feb-203.0.9
Ninja Forms SalesForce 5-Feb-203.2.0
Ninja Forms Save User Progress 5-Feb-203.0.21
Ninja Forms File Uploads 5-Feb-203.2.6
Ninja Forms Vimeo Uploader 5-Feb-203.0.2
Ninja Forms Webhooks 5-Feb-203.0.5
Modal Login Register Forgotten WordPress Plugin 5-Feb-202.0.5
Motor - Vehicles & Parts WordPress Theme 12-Feb-203.0.0
JetEngine for Elementor 27-Jan-202.2.1
WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway 27-Jan-204.3.1
WooCommerce Give Products 27-Jan-201.1.6
WooCommerce Group Coupons 27-Jan-201.13.0
WPML WooCommerce Gateways Country Limiter 24-Jan-201.4
WooCommerce PDF Product Vouchers 24-Jan-203.7.3
2WooCommerce Order Status Manager 24-Jan-201.11.2
WooCommerce Order Barcodes 24-Jan-201.3.15
WooCommerce USPS Shipping Method 24-Jan-204.4.36
WooCommerce Royal Mail 24-Jan-202.5.20
WooCommerce New Zealand Post Shipping 24-Jan-202.0.5
WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping Method 24-Jan-202.5.12
WooCommerce Australia Post Shipping Method 24-Jan-202.4.18
WooCommerce Aramex Shipping 24-Jan-201.0.10
WooCommerce Sales Report Email 24-Jan-201.1.11
WooCommerce Role Based Payment Shipping Method 24-Jan-202.4.1
WooCommerce Quick View 24-Jan-201.2.6
WooCommerce Product Retailers 24-Jan-201.13.1
WooCommerce Product Image Watermark 24-Jan-201.1.4
WooCommerce Product Enquiry Form 24-Jan-201.2.11
WooCommerce Photography 24-Jan-201.0.20
WordPress Social Media Icons ? Social Icons Plugin 24-Jan-201.1.1
WordPress Keyword Tool ? Keyword research 24-Jan-202.3.2
WordPress Article Social Share 24-Jan-201.3.4
Woocommerce Sale Booster ? What are you looking for 24-Jan-201.0.3
WooCommerce Returns and Warranty Request 24-Jan-201.9.7
WooCommerce Twilio SMS Notifications 24-Jan-201.14.1
WooCommerce Tabs Manager 24-Jan-201.12.0
WooCommerce Subscription Downloads 24-Jan-201.1.21
WooCommerce Newsletter Subscription 24-Jan-202.5.3
WooCommerce Store Credit 24-Jan-203.0.5
WooCommerce Software Addon 24-Jan-201.7.11
WooCommerce Simplified MultiStep Checkout 24-Jan-201.0.4
WordPress Social Timeline 24-Jan-201.8.9
User Import Add-On For WP All Import 24-Jan-201.1.2
Link Cloaking Add-On For WP All Import 24-Jan-201.1.1
WP A.I Assistant 24-Jan-202.9
Worldblog - WordPress Blog and Magazine Theme 24-Jan-201.0
WordPress Title Generator Plugin 24-Jan-201.0
WP Download Manager Remote FTP Add-on 24-Jan-202.2.8
WP Download Manager File Manager 24-Jan-201.3.1
WP Download Manager Front-end Category Manager 24-Jan-201.2.1
WP Download Manager Block Hotlink 24-Jan-202.1.1
WP Download Manager Amazon S3 Storage 24-Jan-202.7.6
WP Download Manager Advanced Custom Fields 24-Jan-201.9.4
Analytify Pro WooCommerce 24-Jan-203.0.1
Analytify Pro Easy Digital Downloads 24-Jan-201.1.0
WP All Export Pro 24-Jan-201.5.10
WP-Optimize Premium 24-Jan-203.0.15
WPML Sticky Links Addon 23-Jan-201.5.0
WPML MailChimp for WordPress Multilingual 23-Jan-200.0.2
WPML CMS Navigation Addon 23-Jan-201.5.2
WP Job Manager WC Paid Listings 23-Jan-202.8.3
WP Job Manager Listing Payments 23-Jan-202.2.1
WP Job Manager Bookmarks 23-Jan-201.4.1
WP Job Manager Application Deadline 23-Jan-201.2.2
WP Job Manager Job Alerts 23-Jan-201.5.2
WP Job Manager WordPress Plugin 23-Jan-
WP Fastest Cache 23-Jan-201.5.6
WP Rich Snippets DataTables 23-Jan-201.1
WP Rich Snippets Customizer 23-Jan-201.5
WP Rich Snippets Compare Add-on 23-Jan-201.2
WP Rich Snippets Box Shortcode 23-Jan-201.2
WP Rich Snippets Anonymous User Reviews 23-Jan-201.2
WP Rich Snippets Plugin 23-Jan-201.4.8
Rankie - Wordpress Rank Tracker Plugin 23-Jan-201.6.5
YITH Google Product Feed 14-Jun-201.1.12
WP User Frontend Pro 23-Jan-203.1.12
WP Smart Fullscreen Menu 23-Jan-201.043
Yoast Local SEO Premium 23-Jan-2012.6.1
WP Rich Snippets WooCommerce Reviews 23-Jan-201.2
WP Rich Snippets User Reviews Image 23-Jan-201.5
WP Rich Snippets Front-End Entry Submit 23-Jan-201.1
WP Rich Snippets Software Specs 23-Jan-201.1
WP Rich Snippets Ranking Table 23-Jan-201.9.3
WP Rich Snippets Locations 23-Jan-201.2
WP Rich Snippets Display Rating 23-Jan-201.1
YITH Payment Gateway 23-Jan-201.1.12
YITH Woocommerce Anti-Fraud 14-Jun-201.3.1
YITH Woocommerce Ajax Product Filter 14-Jun-203.11.0
YITH Woocommerce Affiliates 14-Jun-201.7.2
YITH Woocommerce Active Campaign 14-Jun-202.0.0
YITH WooCommerce Account Funds 14-Jun-201.3.5
YITH Product Size Chart 14-Jun-201.1.19
YITH Paypal Adaptive Payments 23-Jan-201.0.20
YITH Payment Method Restrictions 14-Jun-201.1.11
YITH Multiple Shipping Addresses 14-Jun-201.1.2
YITH WooCommerce Brands Add-on 14-Jun-201.3.9
YITH WooCommerce Best Sellers 14-Jun-201.1.16
YITH Woocommerce Barcodes and QR Codes 14-Jun-202.0.0
YITH WooCommerce Badge Management 14-Jun-201.4.2
YITH WooCommerce EU VAT 14-Jun-201.4.5
YITH WooCommerce EU Energy Label 14-Jun-201.1.17
YITH WooCommerce Email Templates 14-Jun-201.3.26
YITH Woocommerce Delivery Date 14-Jun-202.1.14
YITH Woocommerce Custom Order Status 14-Jun-201.2.1
YITH Color and Label Variations 14-Jun-201.10.2
YITH Woocommerce Checkout Manager 14-Jun-201.3.13
YITH WooCommerce Category Accordion 14-Jun-201.0.33
YITH Woocommerce Cart Messages 14-Jun-201.6.8
YITH WooCommerce Bulk Product Editing 14-Jun-201.2.23
YITH WooCommerce Advanced Reviews 14-Jun-201.6.12
YITH WooCommerce Questions and Answers 14-Jun-201.3.7
YITH WooCommerce Product Bundles 14-Jun-201.3.8
YITH Woocommerce Pre-order 14-Jun-201.5.12
YITH Woocommerce Popup 22-Jan-201.3.5
YITH Woocommerce Pending Order Survey 14-Jun-201.0.17
YITH WooCommerce Order Tracking 22-Jan-201.6.1
YITH WooCommerce Name Your Price 22-Jan-201.1.8
YITH WooCommerce Membership 22-Jan-201.3.21
YITH Woocommerce MailChimp 22-Jan-202.1.4
Thrive Leads - The Only List Building Plugin You'll Ever Need 22-Jan-202.2.8
Thrive Apprentice - 22-Jan-202.2.8
Thrive Voice Premium Theme 22-Jan-201.411
Thrive Ovation 22-Jan-202.2.5
Thrive Quiz Builder 22-Jan-202.2.8
Thrive Architect 22-Jan-202.4.7
Thrive FocusBlog Theme 22-Jan-201.411
Thrive Ignition Theme 22-Jan-201.411
Thrive Luxe Theme 22-Jan-201.411
Thrive Minus Theme 22-Jan-201.411
Thrive Performag Theme 22-Jan-201.411
Thrive Pressive Theme 22-Jan-201.411
Thrive Rise Theme 22-Jan-201.411
Thrive Squared Theme 22-Jan-201.411
Thrive Storied Theme 22-Jan-201.411
Thrive Headline Optimizer 22-Jan-201.2.2
Thrive Comments 22-Jan-201.3.6
Thrive Clever Widgets 22-Jan-201.49
Thrive Optimize22-Jan-201.3.5
YITH Featured Audio and Video Content 21-Jan-201.2.5
YITH Sequential Order Number 21-Jan-201.1.6
YITH Woocommerce Save for Later 21-Jan-201.1.0
YITH Woocommerce Review Reminder 21-Jan-201.6.3
YITH WooCommerce Tab Manager 21-Jan-201.2.19
YITH Woocommerce Surveys 21-Jan-201.2.0
YITH WooCommerce Stripe 21-Jan-202.0.7
YITH WooCommerce Social Login 21-Jan-201.4.7
YITH Woocommerce SMS Notification 21-Jan-201.3.4
YITH WooCommerce Share for Discounts 21-Jan-201.5.6
YITH Title Bar Effects 21-Jan-201.1.8
YITH WooCommerce Wishlist 21-Jan-203.0.5
YITH Woocommerce Watermark 21-Jan-201.2.4
YITH WooCommerce Terms and Conditions Popup 21-Jan-201.2.9
WPMU DEV Autoblog 21-Jan-204.1.1
WPMU DEV Anti-Splog 21-Jan-202.2.1
WPMU DEV Admin Ads 21-Jan-
ACF Repeater 21-Jan-201.1.1
ACF option page 21-Jan-201.2
acf gallery 21-Jan-201.1.1
Thrive Ultimatum 21-Jan-202.2.7
Flexible Content Field 15-Jan-201.1.0
Circle Creative Multipurpose Wordpress Theme 15-Jan-201.3.9
Captcha plus 13-Jan-205.0.7
BuddyPress hide widget 13-Jan-201.0.5
New Blog Templates 13-Jan-202.8.6
WPMU DEV Blogs Directory 13-Jan-
WPMU DEV Blog Activity 13-Jan-201.1.6
Beuh - Responsive One Page Portfolio Theme 13-Jan-201.2.1
WPMU DEV Batch Create 13-Jan-201.5.2
WPMU DEV Automessage 13-Jan-202.4.5
Indeed Smart PopUp 13-Jan-204.8
Easy Tables for WPBakery Page Builder 13-Jan-202.0.1
Cloner 13-Jan-201.7.7
Hero Maps Premium 13-Jan-202.1.6
Advance Post Grid/List for Visual Composer 13-Jan-204.0
4K Icon fonts for Visual Composer 13-Jan-202.10
Google Address Autocomplete for WooCommerce 13-Jan-202.3.4
Shop as Customer 13-Jan-202.16
Mapplic - Custom Interactive Map WordPress Plugin 13-Jan-205.0.2
Events Calendar PRO 13-Jan-204.7.10
CustomPress 13-Jan-201.3.7
Content Monitor 13-Jan-201.4
Comments Control 13-Jan-
WPMU DEV Comments+ 13-Jan-201.6.9
Direct Download for Woocommerce 13-Jan-201.16
Woocommerce Limit Order 13-Jan-202.6
Slick Popup 13-Jan-202.3.4
Conditional Success Redirects for EDD 13-Jan-201.1.6
EDD Conditional Emails Add-on 13-Jan-201.1.1
Easy Digital Downloads Campaign Tracker 13-Jan-201.0.0
Easy Digital Downloads Braintree 13-Jan-201.1.5
Easy Digital Downloads Add to Cart Popup 13-Jan-201.1.2
Easy Digital Downloads Acquisition Survey 13-Jan-201.0.2
Easy Digital Downloads Discount Code Generator 13-Jan-201.1.0
Easy Digital Downloads Coupon Importer 13-Jan-201.1.2
Easy Digital Downloads Content Restriction 13-Jan-202.3
EDD Message 13-Jan-201.2.1
Easy Digital Downloads MaxMind Fraud Prevention 13-Jan-201.1
Easy Digital Downloads Manual Purchases 13-Jan-202.0.5
Easy Digital Downloads Wysija / Mailpoet 13-Jan-201.4.1
Easy Digital Downloads License Free Download 13-Jan-201.0
Easy Digital Downloads Gravity Forms Checkout 13-Jan-201.5.1
Easy Digital Downloads Envato Integration 09-Jan-201.0.1
Easy Digital Downloads Email Reports 09-Jan-201.0.5
Easy Digital Downloads Duplicate Downloads 08-Jan-201.0.1
Easy Digital Downloads Dropbox File Store 08-Jan-202.0.3
Download Email Attachments for EDD 08-Jan-201.1.1
Easy Digital Downloads Discounts Pro 08-Jan-201.4.8
Easy Digital Downloads Social Discounts 08-Jan-202.0.4
Easy Digital Downloads Resend Receipt 08-Jan-201.0.1
Pushover Notifications for Easy Digital Downloads 08-Jan-201.3.1
Easy Digital Downloads Purchase Limit 08-Jan-201.2.19
Easy Digital Downloads Product Updates 08-Jan-201.2.7
Easy Digital Downloads Payza Payment Gateway 08-Jan-201.0.5
Easy Digital Downloads PayPal Adaptive Payments 08-Jan-201.3.5
Easy Digital Downloads Password Meter 08-Jan-201.2.1
Easy Digital Downloads User History 08-Jan-201.6.0
Easy Digital Downloads Upload File 08-Jan-202.1.4
Easy Digital Downloads SOFORT Banking 08-Jan-201.0
Give Constant Contact 08-Jan-201.2.4
Gazeta :- Responsive Magazine WordPress Theme 08-Jan-201.3.1
WPMU DEV Friends 08-Jan-201.3.2
WPMU DEV Floating Social 08-Jan-201.7.5
Facebook Live Chat for WordPress 08-Jan-202.7
Facebook Button Plus 08-Jan-202.63
Easy Digital Downloads Wish Lists 08-Jan-201.1.7
Easy Digital Downloads Widgets Pack 08-Jan-201.2.6
Easy Digital Downloads Wallet 08-Jan-201.1.4
WPMU DEV Infinite SEO 08-Jan-201.7.5
Hello Followers ? Social Counter Plugin 08-Jan-202.5
Gravity Perks Expand Textareas 08-Jan-201.0.4
Gravity Forms Conditional Pricing 3-Jun-201.2.40
WPMU DEV Global Site Tags 08-Jan-
WPMU DEV Global Site Search 08-Jan-203.2.2
Give Per Form Gateways 08-Jan-201.0.2
Give Per Form Emails 08-Jan-201.1
Give Paymill Gateway 08-Jan-201.1
Give Dwolla Payment Gateway 08-Jan-201.1.2
WooCommerce Mailchimp Integration 08-Jan-201.0.4
WPMU DEV Logout Redirect 08-Jan-201.1.4
WPMU DEV Login Redirect 08-Jan-201.0.9
WPMU DEV Login Message 08-Jan-201.0.2
WPMU DEV Lock Posts 08-Jan-201.1.7
Leisure Hotel WordPress Theme 08-Jan-202.1.13
WPMU DEV Jobs & Experts 08-Jan-201.0.3
WPMU DEV In Post Ads 08-Jan-201.5.2
Ninja Forms Constant Contact 08-Jan-203.0.4
Ninja Forms ClickSend SMS 08-Jan-203.0.1
Ninja Forms Campaign Monitor 08-Jan-203.0.5
WPMU DEV Multisite Content Copier 08-Jan-201.5.3
WPMU DEV Multi-Domains 08-Jan-
WPMU DEV Messaging 08-Jan-
WPMU DEV Members Directory 07-Jan-
WPMU DEV Post Voting Plugin 07-Jan-202.2.5
WPMU DEV Popup Pro 07-Jan-204.8.1
WPMU DEV Pay With a Like 07-Jan-
Ninja Forms Twilio SMS 07-Jan-203.0.1
Ninja Forms Trello 07-Jan-203.0.3
Ninja Forms Slack 07-Jan-203.0.3
Ninja Forms Sendy 07-Jan-203.0
Ninja Forms Excel Export 07-Jan-203.3.1
Ninja Forms Emma 07-Jan-203.0.4
Ninja Forms EmailOctopus 07-Jan-203.0.0
WPMU DEV Simple Ads 07-Jan-201.0.6
WPMU DEV Signup Code 07-Jan-
Sensei BadgeOS 07-Jan-201.0.4
WooCommerce Email Verification 07-Jan-201.3
WPMU DEV Reader 07-Jan-201.2.6
WPMU DEV Password Protect 07-Jan-201.1
WPMU DEV Private Messaging 07-Jan-
WPMU DEV Pretty Plugins 07-Jan-201.5.5
Agent Focused Pro Theme 07-Jan-202.0.0
Agency Pro Theme 07-Jan-203.1.5
Storefront Product Hero 07-Jan-201.2.13
Storefront Homepage Contact Section 07-Jan-201.0.3
WPMU DEV Status 07-Jan-201.8.4
WPMU DEV Slide In 07-Jan-201.2
WPMU DEV Site Categories 07-Jan-
Elegance Pro Theme 07-Jan-201.2.0
Education Pro Theme 07-Jan-203.0.2
Divine Pro Theme 07-Jan-201.0.7
Digital Pro Theme 07-Jan-201.1.3
Daily Dish Pro Theme 07-Jan-202.0.0
AgentPress Pro Theme 07-Jan-203.1.3
Cafe Pro Theme 07-Jan-201.0.5
Brunch Pro Theme 07-Jan-204.2.0
Author Pro Theme 07-Jan-201.2.3
Atmosphere Pro Theme 07-Jan-201.1.3
Aspire Pro Theme 07-Jan-201.3
AgentPress Pro Theme 07-Jan-203.1.3
Magazine Pro Theme 07-Jan-203.5.1
Lifestyle Pro Theme 07-Jan-203.2.4
Kickstart Pro Theme 07-Jan-201.3.7
Jessica Theme 07-Jan-201.8.1
Interior Pro Theme 07-Jan-201.0.1
Infinity Pro Theme 07-Jan-201.3.1
Hello Pro Theme 07-Jan-203.0.2
Glam Pro Theme 07-Jan-201.0.3
Generate Pro Theme 07-Jan-202.1.1
Gallery Pro Theme 07-Jan-201.2.0
Executive Pro Theme 07-Jan-203.2.3
Simply Pro Theme 07-Jan-201.0.0
Showcase Pro Theme 06-Jan-202.0.2
Pretty Creative Pro Theme 06-Jan-203.0.1
Parallax Pro Theme 06-Jan-201.3.3
No Sidebar Pro Theme 06-Jan-201.0.4
News Pro Theme 06-Jan-203.2.2
Modern Studio Pro Theme 06-Jan-201.0.3
Metro Pro Theme 06-Jan-202.2.2
Market Pro Theme 06-Jan-201.1.0
Maker Pro Theme 06-Jan-201.0.1
Breezy: Mobile Theme for WordPress 06-Jan-202.0.2
SEO WP: Online Marketing & Social Media Agency 06-Jan-202.0.3
Metro Magazine Responsive WordPress Theme 06-Jan-203.1
WPMU DEV Terms of Service 06-Jan-201.3.5
WPMU DEV User Activity 06-Jan-201.1
WPMU DEV Upfront Builder 06-Jan-201.1.9
WPMU DEV Theme Switcher 06-Jan-
MedicalGuide - Health and Medical WordPress Theme 06-Jan-202.0.0
WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels 06-Jan-201.1.6
VG Bonnie - Creative WooCommerce WordPress Theme 06-Jan-202.4
WPMU DEV User Reports 06-Jan-201.1
UserPro Dashboard 06-Jan-203.7
WooCommerce Mailchimp Integration 06-Jan-201.0.4
WooCommerce SnapScan Gateway 06-Jan-201.1.6
WooCommerce PsiGate Gateway 06-Jan-201.5.3
WooCommerce Paypal Digital Goods Gateway 06-Jan-203.2.2
WooCommerce Email Attachments 06-Jan-203.0.10
WooCommerce Customer History 06-Jan-201.2.1
WooCommerce Compare Products Pro 06-Jan-201.0.16
WP Job Manager Extended Location 06-Jan-203.5.1
WP Job Manager Apply with Facebook 06-Jan-201.1.0
WooCommerce Square Payment Gateway 06-Jan-202.0.8
WooCommerce Integration 06-Jan-201.9.2
WP Job Manager Job Tags 2-Jul-201.4.1
WP Job Manager Indeed Integration 2-Jul-202.2.1
WPMU DEV Dashboard Widget Order 2-Jul-
WPMU DEV Moderation 2-Jul-201.0.9
WPMU DEV Google Maps 2-Jul-202.9.5
WPMU DEV FundRaising 2-Jul-
WPMU DEV Custom Google Search 2-Jul-201.2.3
WPMU DEV Contact Widget 2-Jul-202.2.1
WPMU DEV BuddyPress Group Calendar 2-Jul-201.4.9
WPMU DEV Add New Users 2-Jul-201.0.8
WP Job Manager ZipRecruiter Integration 2-Jul-201.1.0
YITH WordPress Test Environment 27-Dec-191.1.3
YITH WooCommerce Uploads 27-Dec-191.2.12
YITH Woocommerce Quick Export Premium 27-Dec-191.2.10
WooCommerce Deposits 2-Jul-201.5.1
YITH Donations for Woocommerce Premium 10-Dec-191.1.7
WPMU DEV User Synchronization 2-Jul-201.1.6
All In One SEO Pack Pro WordPress Plugin 2-Jul-203.5.2
AffiliateWP WordPress Plugin2-Jul-202.5.4
HappyThemes Advanced Magazine Pro 2-Jul-201.5
Admin Menu Editor Pro 2-Jul-202.11
Admin Columns Pro 2-Jul-205.2
AccessPress Social Pro 9-Dec-192.1.5
Admin Columns Pro ? Toolset Types 9-Dec-191.5.4
Booster Plus for WooCommerce 2-Jul-205.0.0
Ultimate Addons For Beaver Builder 9-Dec-191.24.0
Beaver Builder Theme 9-Dec-
PowerPack Beaver Builder Addon 2-Jul-
Beaver Builder Pro 2-Jul-
iThemes BackupBuddy 2-Jul-
WooCommerce AutomateWoo 2-Jul-204.9.5
Astra Premium Sites 9-Dec-191.4.5
Live Chat Unlimited 2-Jul-202.8.7
Go Pricing - WordPress Responsive Pricing Tables 2-Jul-203.3.17
Boss Pro Theme 9-Dec-193.2.2
Intense - Shortcodes and Site Builder for WordPress 1-Jul-202.9.4
FormCraft - Premium WordPress Form Builder 2-Jul-203.8.16
Team Showcase - Wordpress Plugin 2-Jul-202.2.4
Hide My WP - Amazing Security Plugin for WordPress 1-Jul-206.1
WooSwatches - Woocommerce Color or Image Variation Swatches 1-Jul-202.8.7
WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts 9-Dec-192.3.3
Testimonials Showcase - WordPress Plugin 1-Jul-
Modal Survey - WordPress Poll, Survey & Quiz Plugin 9-Dec-
Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress 1-Jul-207.2
Improved Sale Badges for WooCommerce 1-Jul-204.0.4
Email Customizer for WooCommerce 1-Jul-203.33
Superfly ? Responsive WordPress Menu Plugin 1-Jul-205.0.16
WooCommerce Point of Sale (POS) 9-Dec-194.5.33
Events Calendar Registration & Booking 9-Dec-192.4.9
WHMpress - WHMCS WordPress Integration Plugin 9-Dec-195.2
Awesome Live Chat 1-Jul-201.4.2
Popup Plugin For WordPress – ConvertPlus 9-Dec-193.5.1
Instagram Feed - WordPress Instagram Gallery 9-Dec-193.8.4
Instagram Feed - WordPress Instagram Gallery 9-Dec-193.8.4
Ultimate Membership Pro - WordPress Membership Plugin 9-Dec-198.5
WooCommerce Shipping Tracking 9-Dec-1923.7
YellowPencil: Visual CSS Style Editor 9-Dec-197.2.6
WooCommerce Customers Manager 9-Dec-1924.6
Rating Form 9-Dec-191.6.9
Woocommerce Mailchimp Discount 9-Dec-193.5
Support Board - Chat And Help Desk 9-Dec-191.3.0
FAST - WordPress Support Ticket Plugin 9-Dec-191.15.4
WooCommerce Email Customizer with Drag and Drop Email Builder 9-Dec-191.5.12
Advanced Custom Fields for WooCommerce 9-Dec-195.2.0
LoftLoader Pro - Preloader Plugin for WordPress 9-Dec-192.1.1
Massive Addons for WPBakery Page Builder 9-Dec-
Convert Pro Addons 9-Dec-191.3.0
Convert Pro 9-Dec-191.4.0
Warranties and Returns for WooCommerce 9-Dec-195.0.2
Ultimate WP GDPR Compliance Toolkit for WordPress 9-Dec-191.7.3
Woo Products Table Pro - Making Quick Order Table 9-Dec-195.7.4
Elegant Themes Divi Builder 9-Dec-194.0.7
Divi Booster 9-Dec-193.1.3
Divi - WordPress Theme 9-Dec-194.0.7
WPMU DEV Custom Sidebars Pro 9-Dec-193.2.3
Easy Digital Downloads Free Downloads 9-Dec-192.3.9
Easy Digital Downloads Featured Downloads 9-Dec-191.0.4
EDD Cross-sell and Upsell 9-Dec-191.1.7
Easy Digital Downloads ConvertKit 9-Dec-191.0.6
Easy Digital Downloads Conditional Gateways 9-Dec-191.0.3
Duplicator Pro 9-Dec-
Dokan Pro eCommerce Marketplace Plugin 9-Dec-192.9.15
Elementor Pro - WordPress Plugin 9-Dec-192.7.3
Elementor Extras 9-Dec-192.2.14
Easy Digital Downloads Zapier 9-Dec-191.3.9
Easy Digital Downloads Stripe Payment Gateway 9-Dec-192.7.4
Easy Digital Downloads Software Licensing 9-Dec-193.6.8
Easy Digital Downloads Sendy 9-Dec-191.0.4
Easy Digital Downloads Recurring Payments9-Dec-19 2.9.4
Easy Digital Downloads ? Points and Rewards9-Dec-192.1.8
Give CCAvenue Gateway 9-Dec-191.0.4
Give Gateway 9-Dec-191.4.6
GeoDirectory Social Importer9-Dec-
Galleria - Storefront Child Theme 9-Dec-192.2.18
Elegant Themes Foxy 9-Dec-192.2.18
Galleria - Storefront Child Theme 9-Dec-192.2.18
Thrive FocusBlog Theme 9-Dec-191.409
Yith Woocommerce Gift Cards 5-Jun-203.1.4
Easy Digital Downloads Per Product Emails 3-Dec-191.1.6
Elegant Themes Extra 3-Dec-194.0.7
The Events Calendar Pro 3-Dec-194.7.10
Essential Addons for Elementor 3-Dec-193.4.1
FacetWP - Advanced Filtering for WordPress 30-Nov-193.4.5
Facebook Customer Chat for WordPress 30-Nov-192.7
Elegant Themes Fable 30-Nov-191.7.13
Give Tributes 30-Nov-191.5.4
Give Stripe Gateway 30-Nov-192.2.2
Give Recurring Donations 30-Nov-191.9.5
Give Razorpay Gateway 30-Nov-191.2.1
Give Paytm Gateway 30-Nov-191.1.0
Give PayPal Pro Gateway 30-Nov-191.2.2
Give Manual Donations 30-Nov-191.4.5
Give GoCardless Gateway 30-Nov-191.3.4
Give Gift Aid 30-Nov-191.2.3
Give Fee Recovery 30-Nov-191.7.7
Give Email Reports 30-Nov-191.1.4
Gravity Perks Preview Submission 30-Nov-191.2.15
GeneratePress Premium 30-Nov-191.9.1
Gravity Perks Post Content Merge Tags 30-Nov-191.1.10
Gravity Perks Media Library 30-Nov-191.2.7
Gravity Perks Limit Submissions 1.0-beta-30-Nov-191.15
Gravity Perks eCommerce Fields 30-Nov-191.0.31
Gravity Perks Better User Activation 30-Nov-191.1.9
HappyThemes GoodSite Pro 30-Nov-191.3
Gravity Forms Active Campaign 13-Jun-201.7
Gravity Flow Wordpress Plugin 30-Nov-192.5.8
Gravity Perks Unique ID 130-Nov-193.14
Gravity Forms CleverReach 13-Jun-201.6.1
Gravity Forms Chained Selects 13-Jun-201.4
Gravity Forms Capsule CRM 13-Jun-201.4.2
Gravity Forms Campfire 13-Jun-201.2.2
Gravity Forms Campaign Monitor 13-Jun-203.8
Gravity Forms Breeze 13-Jun-201.4.0
Gravity Forms Batchbook 13-Jun-201.3
Gravity Forms Aweber 13-Jun-202.10.1
Gravity Forms Authorize.Net 13-Jun-202.8.1
Gravity Forms Plugin - Agile CRM 13-Jun-201.3
Gravity Forms Mailchimp 13-Jun-204.7
Gravity Forms Mad Mimi 13-Jun-201.3.1
Gravity Forms iContact 13-Jun-201.4.1
Gravity Forms Hipchat 13-Jun-201.2
Gravity Forms Helpscout 27-Jun-201.13.2
Gravity Forms Gutenberg 1.0-rc-13-Jun-201.4
Gravity Forms Get Response27-Jun-201.4.1
Gravity Forms Freshbooks 13-Jun-202.7
Gravity Forms Emma 13-Jun-201.3
Gravity Forms Dropbox 13-Jun-202.6
Gravity Forms Coupons 3-Jun-202.10
Gravity Forms Paypal Payments Pro 13-Jun-202.5.1
Gravity Forms PayPal Payments Standard 13-Jun-203.3
Gravity Forms Partial Enteries 13-Jun-201.5
Gravity Forms Polls 13-Jun-203.5.1
Gravity Forms Zapier 13-Jun-203.3
Gravity Forms Web Hooks 27-Jun-201.3
Gravity Forms User Registration 13-Jun-204.5.3
Gravity Forms Twilio 13-Jun-202.7.1
Gravity Forms Trello13-Jun-201.3
Gravity Forms Survey 13-Jun-203.5.1
Gravity Forms Stripe 13-Jun-203.5
Gravity Forms Slack 13-Jun-201.10
Gravity Forms Signature 13-Jun-203.9
Gravity Forms Quiz 29-Nov-193.2
WPMU DEV Hustle 29-Nov-194.0.3
Homestore - Storefront Child Theme 29-Nov-192.0.32
Hestia Pro WordPress Theme 29-Nov-192.5.5
HandHeld Mobile Plugin 29-Nov-191.3.1
Gravity Forms Placeholder 13-Jun-201.3.7
Gravity Forms Email Users13-Jun-201.3.9
Gravity Forms Auto Login 13-Jun-201.3.5
Gravity Forms Zoho CRM13-Jun-201.10.1
JetGuten - Blocks Set Addon for Gutenberg Editor28-Nov-191.1.2
JetEngine for Elementor 28-Nov-192.1.4
LearnDash Gradebook 12-Jun-201.6.6
MyThemeShop - WP In Post Ads 28-Nov-191.2.3
MyThemeShop - WP Google Translate 28-Nov-191.0.7
MyThemeShop - WP Contact Widget 28-Nov-191.0.3
MyThemeShop - WooCommerce Checkout Field Modifier 28-Nov-191.0.2
MyThemeShop - URL Shortener Pro 28-Nov-191.0.13
MyThemeShop - Content Locker Pro 28-Nov-191.0.16
MyThemeShop - Already Added To Cart Or Purchased 28-Nov-191.0.1
Monarch Social Media Sharing 28-Nov-191.4.12
Thrive Minus Theme 28-Nov-191.409
MyThemeShop - My WP Backup Pro 28-Nov-191.3.12
HappyThemes MyShare Pro 28-Nov-191.3
MyThemeShop - WP Time To Read 28-Nov-191.0.1
MyThemeShop - WP Testimonials 28-Nov-191.0.8
MyThemeShop - WP Notification Bar Pro 28-Nov-191.1.31
OceanWP Footer Callout 28-Nov-191.0.14
OceanWP Elementor Widgets 28-Nov-191.1.9
Ninja Forms Zoho CRM 28-Nov-19 3.4
Ninja Forms User Management 28-Nov-193.0.12
Ninja Forms Table Editor 28-Nov-193.0.3
Ninja Forms Stripe 28-Nov-193.1.3
Ninja Forms Recurly 28-Nov-193.0.4
Ninja Forms Constant Contact 28-Nov-193.0.4
Elegant Themes Nexus 28-Nov-191.7.13
MyThemeShop - WP Mega Menu 28-Nov-191.1.11
Thrive Performag Theme 28-Nov-191.409
Perfmatters - Lightweight Wordpress Performance Plugin 28-Nov-191.4.4
Pena WordPress Theme 28-Nov-191.1.9
OceanWP Woo Popup 28-Nov-191.0.7
OceanWP White Labe 28-Nov-191.0.6
OceanWP Sticky Footer 28-Nov-191.0.10
OceanWP Pro Demos 28-Nov-191.1.0
OceanWP Popup Login 28-Nov-191.0.7
OceanWP Instagram 28-Nov-191.0.5
OceanWP Ocean Hooks 28-Nov-191.1.3
Thrive Pressive Theme Free Download 28-Nov-191.409
PowerPack Elements 28-Nov-
PixelYourSite Pro 28-Nov-197.3.7
Permalink Plugin For Wordpress 28-Nov-
SearchWP Boolean Search 28-Nov-191.3.1
Searchwp BBpress Integration 28-Nov-191.2.4
SearchWP WordPress Plugin 28-Nov-193.1.6
Scroll Magic - Scrolling Animation Builder WordPress Plugin 28-Nov-193.7.2
Thrive Rise Theme 28-Nov-191.409
SearchWP Live Ajax Search 28-Nov-191.4.4
SearchWP LIKE Terms 28-Nov-192.4.6
SearchWP HeroThemes Integration 28-Nov-191.0.0
SearchWP Fuzzy Matches 28-Nov-191.4.4
SearchWP Exclude UI 28-Nov-191.1
SearchWP Enable Media Replace 28-Nov-191.0.2
SearchWP EDD Integration 28-Nov-191.0.0
SearchWP DirectoryPress Integration 28-Nov-191.6.0
SearchWP Diagnostics 28-Nov-191.4.1
SearchWP Co-Authors Plus Integration 28-Nov-191.1.1
SearchWP Swedish Keyword Stemmer 28-Nov-192.0.2
SearchWP Greek Stemmer 28-Nov-191.0.1
SearchWP German Stemmer 28-Nov-191.0.2
SearchWP Dutch Keyword Stemmer 28-Nov-191.2.4
SearchWP Shortcodes 28-Nov-191.6
SearchWP Redirects 28-Nov-191.3
SearchWP PrivateContent Integration 28-Nov-191.2.2
SearchWP Polylang Integration 28-Nov-191.2
SearchWP Metrics 28-Nov-191.1
SearchWP Manage Ignored 28-Nov-191.0.0
SearchWP Term Highlight 28-Nov-192.1.14
Thrive Squared Theme 28-Nov-191.409
Social Auto Poster 28-Nov-193.2.0
Simple Responsive Slider 28-Nov-192.1.1
Shop Isle Pro WordPress Theme 28-Nov-192.2.52
SearchWP WooCommerce Integration 28-Nov-191.2.2
SearchWP Term Synonyms 28-Nov-192.4.14
SearchWP Term Archive Priority 28-Nov-191.1.8
Flatsome | Multi-Purpose Responsive WooCommerce Theme 28-Nov-193.10.0
Swift Premium - SwiftThemes 28-Nov-197.3.4
Super Forms - Zapier Add-on 28-Nov-191.1.1
Super Forms - WooCommerce Checkout Add-on 28-Nov-191.5.30
Super Forms - Calculator Add-on 28-Nov-192.0.53
Super Forms - Drag & Drop Form Builder 28-Nov-194.8.11
Foodie Pro Theme 28-Nov-194.2.0
Thrive Storied Theme 28-Nov-191.409
Storefront Powerpack 28-Nov-191.5.0
Electro Electronics Store WooCommerce Theme 27-Nov-192.5.1
Basel - Responsive eCommerce Theme 27-Nov-195.0.0
Bimber - Viral Magazine WordPress Theme 27-Nov-197.5.1
Listify - WordPress Directory Theme 27-Nov-192.12.1
Thrive Headline Optimizer 27-Nov-191.2.0
Thrive Comments 27-Nov-191.3.4
Thrive Clever Widgets 27-Nov-191.47
Thrive Optimize27-Nov-
Farvis - Multipurpose WordPress Theme 27-Nov-191.3.0
Garden HUB - Gardening, Lawn & Landscaping WordPress Theme 27-Nov-191.1.9
Ultimate Member Mailchimp 27-Nov-192.2.1
Ultimate Member Instagram 27-Nov-192.0.5
Ultimate Member Friends 27-Nov-192.1.5
Ultimate Member Followers 27-Nov-192.1.6
Ultimate Member BBpress 27-Nov-192.0.7
Ultimate Addons for Elementor 27-Nov-191.20.0
WPMU DEV Ultimate Branding 27-Nov-193.2.1
Ubermenu - Wordpress Mega Menu Plugin 27-Nov-193.6.1
Thrive Theme Builder 27-Nov-190.9
Thrive Ovation 27-Nov-192.2.3
Ultimate member social activity 27-Nov-192.2.0
Ultimate Member User Review 27-Nov-192.1.5
Ultimate member google recaptch 27-Nov-192.1.1
Ultimate Member Profile Completeness 27-Nov-192.1.3
Ultimate member private content 27-Nov-192.0.5
Ultimate Member Online User 27-Nov-192.1.0
Ultimate Member Notification 27-Nov-192.1.4
Ultimate member notices 27-Nov-192.0.5
Elegant Themes Vertex WordPress Theme 27-Nov-191.8.15
User Role Editor Pro 27-Nov-194.54
Updraftplus Backup Plugin 27-Nov-
Ultimate Member Woocommerce 27-Nov-192.1.9
Ultimate Member Verified Users 27-Nov-192.0.5
Ultimate Member Terms & Conditions 27-Nov-192.1.0
Ultimate Member Social Login 27-Nov-192.2.0
Woocommerce Api Manager 27-Nov-192.2.4
Yith Woocommerce Anti-Fraud 27-Nov-191.2.7
Woocommerce Amazon S3 Storage 27-Nov-192.1.15
Woocommerce Amazon Fulfillment 27-Nov-193.2.9
Woocommerce Admin Custom Order Fields 27-Nov-191.13.1
Woocommerce Postcode Address Validation 27-Nov-192.6.1
Woocommerce Account Funds 27-Nov-192.1.19
Woocommerce 360? Image 27-Nov-191.1.11
Thrive Voice Premium Theme 27-Nov-191.409
Visualizer Charts And Graphs Wordpress Plugin 27-Nov-191.9.0
Woocommerce Currency Converter Widget 27-Nov-191.6.16
Woocommerce Coupon Campaigns 27-Nov-191.1.8
Woocommerce Cost Of Goods 27-Nov-192.9.2
Woocommerce Conditional Content 27-Nov-192.1.0
Woocommerce Composite Products 27-Nov-195.1.0
Woocommerce Checkout Addons 27-Nov-192.2.1
Woocommerce Chained Products 27-Nov-192.9.5
Woocommerce Catalog Visibility Options 27-Nov-193.2.4
Woocommerce Bulk Variation Forms 27-Nov-191.6.5
Woocommerce Bulk Stock Management 27-Nov-192.2.19
Woocommerce Bookings 27-Nov-191.15.5
Woocommerce Free Gift Coupons 27-Nov-192.4.1
Woocommerce Force Sells 27-Nov-191.1.20
Woocommerce Follow-Up Emails 27-Nov-194.8.19
Woocommerce Email Customizer 27-Nov-191.1.12
Woocommerce Dynamic Pricing 27-Nov-193.1.15
Woocommerce Drip 27-Nov-191.2.16
Woocommerce Customer Order Xml Export Suite 27-Nov-192.6.2
Woocommerce Customer Order Csv Export 27-Nov-195.0.2
Woocommerce Worldpay Gateway 27-Nov-194.1.2
Woocommerce Sagepay Form 27-Nov-194.2.0
Woocommerce Redsys Payment Gateway 27-Nov-195.4.5
Woocommerce Purchase Order Gateway 27-Nov-191.2.5
Woocommerce Paypal Pro 27-Nov-194.4.17
Woocommerce Elavon Converge Payment Gateway 26-Nov-192.6.1
Woocommerce Chase Paymentech 26-Nov-191.14.1
Woocommerce Beanstream / Bambora Payment Gateway 26-Nov-192.2.1
Woocommerce Authorize.Net Aim Payment Gateway 26-Nov-193.14.6
Woocommerce Frontend Shop Manager 26-Nov-194.4.2
WooCommerce MultiStep Checkout Wizard 26-Nov-193.6.6
Woocommerce Multilingual 26-Nov-194.7.4
Woocommerce Mixpanel 26-Nov-191.14.0
Woocommerce Mix And Match Products26-Nov-191.7.1
WooCommerce Min Max Quantities26-Nov-192.4.12
Woocommerce Memberships 26-Nov-191.16.2
Woocommerce Measurement Price Calculator 26-Nov-193.17.0
Woocommerce Help Scout 26-Nov-192.2
Woocommerce Gravity Forms Product Add-Ons 3-Jun-203.3.12
WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro 26-Nov-191.8.6
WooCommerce PDF Invoices 26-Nov-194.5.1
WooCommerce Order Status Control 26-Nov-191.12.0
WooCommerce Order Delivery 26-Nov-191.6.3
WooCommerce Name Your Price 26-Nov-192.11.0
WooCommerce Product Finder 26-Nov-191.2.9
Woocommerce Google Product Feeds 26-Nov-197.9.4
WooCommerce Product Documents 26-Nov-191.11.0
WooCommerce Product CSV Import Suite 26-Nov-191.10.30
WooCommerce Product Bundles 26-Nov-195.14.0
WooCommerce Product Addons 26-Nov-193.0.20
WooCommerce Pre Orders 26-Nov-191.5.20
WooCommerce Points and Rewards 26-Nov-191.6.26
WooCommerce Print Invoices & Packing List 26-Nov-193.8.0
WooCommerce PDF Watermark 26-Nov-191.1.8
Woocommerce Flat Rate Box Shipping 26-Nov-192.0.9
WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Method 26-Nov-193.4.24
WooCommerce Shipment Tracking 26-Nov-191.6.17
Woocommerce Sequential Order Numbers Pro 26-Nov-191.15.0
WooCommerce Sale Flash Pro 26-Nov-191.2.12
WooCommerce Review for Discount26-Nov-191.6.10
WooCommerce Recommendation Engine26-Nov-193.2.2
WooCommerce Product Vendors 26-Nov-192.1.22
WooCommerce Product Search26-Nov-192.18.0
WooCommerce Products Compare26-Nov-191.0.16
Woocommerce Product Reviews Pro 26-Nov-191.15.0
WooCommerce API26-Nov-191.3.13
WooCommerce PostNL Shipping Method26-Nov-191.2.7
WooCommerce Per Product Shipping26-Nov.-192.3.4
Woocommerce Shipping Multiple Addresses26-Nov-193.6.10
Woocommerce Shipwire26-Nov-192.5.1
WooCommerce Variation Swatches and Photos26-Nov.-193.0.12
WooCommerce UPS Shipping Method26-Nov-193.2.18
WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping26-Nov-193.0.18
Woocommerce Store Exporter Deluxe26-Nov.-193.8
WooCommerce Subscriptions26-Nov.-192.6.5
WooCommerce Splash Popup25-Nov-191.2.11
WooCommerce Social Login25-Nov-192.8.3
WooCommerce Smart Coupons25-Nov-194.4.1
Wordpress Logos Showcase25-Nov-
ProShop - Storefront Child Theme25-Nov-192.0.16
WooCommerce WooSlider Product Slideshow25-Nov-191.0.15
WooCommerce Zapier25-Nov-191.9.5
Woocommerce Xero25-Nov-191.7.23
Woocommerce Wishlists25-Nov-192.1.14
WooCommerce Waitlist25-Nov-192.1.10
WPMU DEV Defender25-Nov-192.2.2
Analytify Pro Email Notifications25-Nov-191.2.8
Wp All Import Pro25-Nov-194.5.8
WP Job Manager Simple Paid Listings25-Nov-191.4.1
WP Job Manager Reviews25-Nov-192.2.0
WP Job Manager Resume Manager25-Nov-191.18.0
WP Job Manager Products25-Nov-191.8.1
WP Job Manager Claim Listing25-Nov-193.12.0
WP Job Manager Applications25-Nov-192.5.0
WPForms Custom Captcha Addon25-Nov-191.3.0
Schema Pro WordPress Plugin25-Nov-191.4.1
WP Rocket25-Nov-
Wp Review Pro25-Nov-193.4.2
WP Real Estate Pro Plugin for WordPress25-Nov-191.1.25
Wp Product Review Wordpress Plugin25-Nov-192.5.0
WPML Translation Management Addon25-Nov-192.9.2
WPML Compatibility Test Tools Addon25-Nov-191.0.1
WPML String Translation Addon25-Nov-193.0.4
WPML Media Translation Addon25-Nov-192.5.5
Astoundify Private Messages WordPress25-Nov-191.10.1
Yith Faq Plugin For Wordpress25-Nov-191.1.2
Yith Event Tickets For Woocommerce25-Nov-191.3.9
Yith Custom Thank You Page For Woocommerce25-Nov-191.1.9
Yith Cost Of Goods For Woocommerce25-Nov-191.2.0
Yith Best Price Guaranteed25-Nov-191.2.14
Wp Tab Widget Pro25-Nov-191.0.7
WP Subscribe Pro25-Nov-191.6.0
Wordpress Shortcode Pro25-Nov-191.1.3
Wordpress Admin Theme - Wpshapere25-Nov-196.0.2
Yith Woocommerce Added To Cart Popup25-Nov.-191.4.13
Yith Quick Order Forms For Woocommerce25-Nov.-191.2.0
Yith Product Shipping For Woocommerce25-Nov.-191.0.22
Yith Paypal Payouts For Woocommerce25-Nov.-191.0.10
Yith Infinite Scrolling25-Nov.-191.1.13
Yith Frontend Manager For Woocommerce 1.6.225-Nov-191.6.2
Yith Woocommerce Dynamic Pricing And Discounts 1.5.725-Nov-191.5.7
Yith Woocommerce Customize My Account Page 2.5.1525-Nov-192.5.15
Yith Woocommerce Customer History 1.1.1225-Nov-191.1.12
Yith Woocommerce Coupon Email System 1.3.925-Nov-191.3.9
Yith Composite Products For Woocommerce 1.1.1625-Nov-191.1.16
Yith Woocommerce Compare 2.3.1524-Nov-192.3.15
Yith Booking And Appointment For Woocommerce 2.1.824-Nov-192.1.8
Yith Auctions For Woocommerce 1.3.024-Nov-191.3.0
Yith Woocommerce Ajax Search 1.7.124-Nov-191.7.1
Yith Woocommerce Advanced Reviews 1.6.724-Nov-191.6.7
Yith Woocommerce Product Add-Ons 1.5.2324-Nov-191.5.23
Yith Woocommerce Quick Checkout For Digital Goods 1.2.724-Nov-191.2.7
Yith Woocommerce Product Slider Carousel 1.0.3424-Nov-191.0.34
Yith Woocommerce Points And Rewards 1.6.624-Nov-191.6.6
Yith Woocommerce Pdf Invoice And Shipping List 2.0.824-Nov-192.0.8
Yith Woocommerce One-Click Checkout 1.3.1324-Nov-191.3.13
Yith Woocommerce Multi Vendor 3.5.024-Nov-193.5.0
Yith Woocommerce Multi-Step Checkout 1.8.024-Nov-191.8.0
Yith Woocommerce Minimum Maximum Quantity 1.4.524-Nov-191.4.5
Yith Woocommerce Frequently Bought Together 1.4.324-Nov-191.4.3
Yith Woocommerce Request A Quote 2.2.424-Nov-192.2.4
Yith Woocommerce Recover Abandoned Cart 1.3.924-Nov-191.3.9
Yith Woocommerce Recently Viewed Products 1.5.624-Nov-191.5.6
Yith Woocommerce Quick View 1.4.824-Nov-191.4.8
Zerif Pro WordPress Theme 2.1.424-Nov-192.1.4
JetGuten - Blocks Set Addon for Gutenberg Editor 1.5.524-Nov-191.5.5
LearnDash LMS Course Grid Addon 1.5.512-Jun-201.6.0
JetWooBuilder For Elementor 1.4.224-Nov-191.4.2
JetTricks for Elementor 1.2.324-Nov-191.2.3
JetTabs - Tabs and Accordions for Elementor Page Builder 2.0.524-Nov-192.0.5
JetReviews – Reviews Widget for Elementor Page Builder 1.2.224-Nov-191.2.2
JetPopup for Elementor 1.2.1124-Nov-191.2.11
JetParallax - Addon for Elementor Page Builder 1.0.624-Nov-191.0.6
JetMenu – Mega Menu for Elementor Page Builder 1.5.1424-Nov-191.5.14
Thrive Luxe Theme
LearnDash LMS WooCommerce Integration 12-Jun-201.7.0
LearnDash LMS Stripe Integration Addon 1.3.012-Jun-201.4.0
LearnDash Slack 12-Jun-201.2.6
LearnDash LMS Paid Memberships Pro Integration12-Jun-201.2.0
LearnDash LMS Notifications Addon 1.3.012-Jun-201.3.0
Yith Woocommerce Zoom Magnifier 1.4.822-Nov-191.4.8
Yith Woocommerce Zoom Magnifier 1.4.822-Nov-191.4.8
Yith Woocommerce Waiting List 1.6.622-Nov-191.6.6
Yith Woocommerce Subscription 1.7.222-Nov-191.7.2
Yith Woocommerce Role Based Prices 1.1.1622-Nov-191.1.16
Coursepress Pro 2.2.222-Nov-192.2.2
Restrict Content Pro ? Activecampaign 1.0.222-Nov-191.0.2
Restrict Content Pro ? Restrict Past Content 1.0.222-Nov-191.0.2
Restrict Content Pro ? Math Verification 1.0.322-Nov-191.0.3
Restrict Content Pro ? Mailchimp Pro 1.4.522-Nov-191.4.5
Restrict Content Pro ? Ip Restriction 1.2.622-Nov-191.2.6
New Blog Templates ? Wpmu Dev 2.8.622-Nov-192.8.6
Popup Pro 4.8.122-Nov-194.8.1
Jobs & Experts 1.0.322-Nov-191.0.3
Custompress 1.3.722-Nov-191.3.7
Mainwp Spinner 4.0.122-Nov-194.0.1
Mainwp Wordfence 4.022-Nov-194
Mainwp Woocommerce Status4.0.122-Nov-194.0.1
Mainwp Woocommerce Shortcuts 4.022-Nov-194
Mainwp Vulnerability Checker 4.0.122-Nov-194.0.1
Mainwp Url Extractor14-Nov-194.0
Mainwp Team Control14-Nov-194.0
Mainwp Wordpress Seo14-Nov-194.0
Mainwp Custom Post Type14-Nov-194.0
Boilerplate Extension14-Nov-194.0
Advanced Uptime Monitor Extension14-Nov-195.0
Mainwp Ithemes Security14-Nov-194.0
Mainwp Google Analytics14-Nov-194.1
Mainwp File Uploader14-Nov-194.0
Mainwp Favorites14-Nov-194.1
Mainwp Broken Links Checker14-Nov-194.0
Mainwp Branding14-Nov-194.0
Mainwp Post Dripper14-Nov-194.0
Mainwp Piwik14-Nov-194.0
Mainwp Page Speed14-Nov-194.1
Mainwp Maintenance14-Nov-194.0
Mainwp Code Snippets14-Nov-194.0
Mainwp Clone14-Nov-194.0
Mainwp Client Reports14-Nov-194.1
Mainwp Clean And Lock14-Nov-194.0
Mainwp Bulk Settings Manager14-Nov-194.1
Mainwp Buddy14-Nov-194.0
Mainwp Article Uploader14-Nov-194.0
Cool Timeline Pro14-Nov-193.3
Woocommerce Moneris Gateway14-Nov-192.12.2
Mainwp Blogvault Backup14-Nov-191.3
Mainwp Backupwordpress14-Nov-194.0
Mainwp Comments14-Nov-194.1
Ultimate Member Mycred14-Nov-192.1.2
Yith Custom Thankyou Page For Woocommerce Premium14-Nov-191.1.2
Easy Digital Downloads - Points And Rewards7-Nov-192.1.2
Private Content7-Nov-192.5
Rankie - Wordpress Rank Tracker Plugin7-Nov-191.6.2
Wordpress Automatic Plugin7-Nov-193.46.6
Yith amazon s3 storage premium30-Oct-191.1.2
Yith event tickets for woocommerce premium5-Jun-201.4.2
Yith advanced refund system for woocommerce premium30-Oct-191.1.2
mts schema16-Oct-193.9.2
pb add on woocommerce16-Oct-19
Event tickets plus16-Oct-194.10.2
Google analytics async16-Oct-193.2.2
WPML Translation Management15-Oct-192.8.2
WooCommerce Subscriptions15-Oct-192.6.2
Gravity Forms Limit Choices13-Jun-201.6.32
WP Job Manager Visibility15-Oct-191.1.2
Themeforest 2833226 avada responsive multipurpose theme12-Oct-196.1.2
WP courseware10-Oct-194.6.2
BB Theme Builder10-Oct-19
WC Vendors Pro10-Oct-191.6.2
Wordpress Store Locator10-Oct-192.9
SEO for Woocommerce10-Oct-191.2.2
Product Loops10-Oct-191.3.2
Premium Addons pro10-Oct-191.7.2
Thrive Quiz Builder9-Oct-
Thrive Architect9-Oct-
Briefcase Elementor Widgets9-Oct-191.5.2
WPMU DEV SmartCrawl9-Oct-192.3.2
Yoast WooCommerce SEO Premium9-Oct-1912.2
Yoast Local SEO Premium8-Oct-19
Yoast Video SEO Premium8-Oct-19
Yoast News SEO Premium8-Oct-19
Yoast WooCommerce SEO Premium8-Oct-19
Yoast SEO Premium8-Oct-19
Fancy Product Designer WooCommerce8-Oct-19
YITH WooCommerce Product Countdown8-Oct-19
YITH Live Chat Premium8-Oct-19
YITH Woocommerce Gift Cards8-Oct-19
Download Monitor CSV Importer 9-Dec-194.1.1
Motor - Vehicles & Parts WordPress Theme 12-Feb-203.0.0
WPMU DEV Multisite Theme Manager 12-Feb-201.1.6
Multi-Thumbs Slider for WordPress 12-Feb-201.2.6
Mustang - Bold & Minimal WordPress Theme 12-Feb-201.3
Nickel - Minimalist Portfolio WordPress Theme 12-Feb-201.0
Ninja Forms Aweber 12-Feb-203.1.1
Ninja Forms Capsule CRM 12-Feb-203.4.0
Ninja Forms Conditional Logic 12-Feb-203.0.26
Ninja Forms Elavon 12-Feb-203.1.0
Ninja Forms Insightly CRM 12-Feb-203.2.0
Ninja Forms MailChimp 12-Feb-203.1.11
Ninja Forms Multi-Part Forms 12-Feb-203.0.26
LearnDash LMS Zapier Integration Addon 12-Jun-202.1.0
iThemes LoopBuddy 12-Feb-201.4.36
Magic Responsive Slider and Carousel WordPress Plugin 12-Feb-
WPMU DEV MarketPress Ecommerce 12-Feb-203.3.0
WPMU DEV Membership 2 Pro 12-Feb-201.1.5
iThemes Mobile 12-Feb-201.2.17
LearnDash LMS GrassBlade Integration Addon 12-Jun-200.1.0
LearnDash LMS Gravity Forms Integration 12-Jun-202.1.1
LearnDash LMS JigoShop Integration Addon 12-Jun-201.1.0
LearnDash MailChimp 12-Jun-201.1.2
LearnDash LMS MemberPress Integration 12-Jun-202.1.1
LearnDash LMS ProPanel Addon 12-Jun-202.1.3
LearnDash LMS Restrict Content Pro Integration 12-Jun-201.1.0
LearnDash LMS SamCart Integration Addon 12-Jun-201.0
Gravity Perks Word Count 12-Feb-201.4.5
Intergeo Maps Pro WordPress Plugin 12-Feb-201.4.2
LearnDash Content Cloner 12-Jun-
LearnDash Visual Customizer 12-Jun-202.3
LearnDash LMS Course Access Manager 12-Jun-201.0.0
LearnDash LMS EDD Integration 12-Jun-201.2.0
LearnDash LMS Event Espresso Integration 12-Jun-201.1.0
Gravity Perks Pay Per Word 12-Feb-201.1.3
Gravity Perks Price Range 12-Feb-201.1
Gravity Perks Terms Of Service 12-Feb-201.3.13
WooCommerce Groups 12-Feb-201.17.0
Gravity Perks Comment Blacklist 12-Feb-201.2.6
Gravity Perks Conditional Logic Dates 12-Feb-201.0.14
Gravity Perks Read Only 12-Feb-201.4
Gravity Perks Reload Form 12-Feb-201.1.17
WPML Gravity Forms Multilingual Addon 12-Feb-201.5.3
Gravity Perks Limit Checkboxes 12-Feb-201.2.12
Gravity Perks PayPal One-time Fee 12-Feb- - Beta
Give BrainTree Gateway 12-Feb-201.2.4
Give ConvertKit 12-Feb-201.0.3
Give Form Field Manager 12-Feb-201.4.4
Give Google Analytics Donation Tracking 12-Feb-201.2.4
Give MailChimp 12-Feb-201.4.5
Give PDF Receipts 12-Feb-202.3.6
Give Zapier 12-Feb-201.3.0
WPMU DEV Google Analytics 12-Feb-203.2.3
Gravity Perks Disable Entry Creation 12-Feb-201.0.9
Gravity Perks Limit Dates 12-Feb-201.0.20
Gravity Perks Live Preview 12-Feb-201.4.3
GeoDirectory Franchise Manager 12-Feb-
Brunch Pro Theme 13-Jul-204.2.0
Cafe Pro Theme 13-Jul-201.1.0
Daily Dish Pro Theme13-Jul-20 2.0.0
Digital Pro Theme13-Jul-20 1.1.3
Divine Pro Theme13-Jul-20 1.0.7
Gravity Forms Zoho CRM17-Jul-20 1.11
Restrict Content Pro ? Group Accounts 5-Sep-202.1.3
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