WordPress Ajax Search & Autosuggest Plugin

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Wordpress Ajax Search & Autosuggest Plugin is a Premium Wordpress Plugins.


1  Make your website is more available
2  Keyboard & mouse support
3  Cross Browser
4  Fast search, using native WordPress API Plug & play installation
5  Supports custom post types
6  Search titles, contents, tags
7  Built with security in mind
8  Categorize results by type


1  Improvement: Compatibility with WordPress 4.9 & WooCommerce 3.2
2  Improvement: Compatible with the latest jQuery version
3  Improvement: jQuery migrate removed to make plugin smaller in size and faster in load time
4  Improvement: Default image updated: WordPress core icons used which looks more familiar to users
5  Improvement: housekeeping, Code clean up and better source code structure
6  Improvement: Widget width number in not translatable, it?s removed from text domain and .po file
7  Improvement: Localization files updated
8  Improvement: Dynamic AJAX protocol update, even when WordPress blog URL is not set correctly
9  Improvement: Latest version of Numeric library used
10  Improvement: Brand new color picker implemented for plugin settings page
11  Improvement: PHP 7.0, 7.1, 5.6+ compatibility
12  Improvement: Options page improvements and some other minor tweaks and bug fixes
13  Bug fixed: Resizing image width was not applying correctly on some old WordPress versions
14  Improvement: Full search including tags when used default WordPress search
15  Bug fixed: Customized prefix for WordPress tables in tags search bug fixed
16  Improvement: Applying WordPress and plugins filters on AJAX search results. This change improves search returned items and integrates it more with the rest of WordPress. Note that third party plugins can change the results using this.
17  Bug fixed: Mixed results of searching tags, titles, contents


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