Wp Rentals WordPress Premium Theme

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Wp Rentalsis a Premium Wordpress Theme.


1  Advanced properties filter
2  Advanced Google Maps integration with ajax search and custom image or price pins management.
3  Auto-fill check/checkout/guest on property page based on advanced search selections and show directly the total cost in booking form
4  Listing Booking Form supports the following: when sending a booking request see a notification that login is mandatory with login modal box to login/register, save booking check-in, check-out and guest values selected before login for easy booking.
5  Listing Booking form ? min number of guests check (based on no of guests set in property)
6  Listing Booking form ? guests selection is mandatory
7  Custom property photo lightbox gallery
8  Google Places show on single Listing map (to see nearby restaurants, hospitals etc)
9 YELP API integration to show points of interest around the listing directly in listing page


1  NEW: A Built-in caching system for speed optimization. Quickly delete cache from the top admin bar.
2  NEW: Contact owner if you are not logged in
3  NEW: Duplicate email option to receive a duplicate email of all email notifications sent through the theme (new booking requests, booking requests approved/ rejected/canceled), new messages.
4  NEW: Date format management for theme date-pickers (calendars) (includes date formats yy-dd-mm (default), yy-mm-dd, mm-dd-yy, dd-mm-yy, dd-yy-mm, mm-yy-dd).
5  NEW: Theme properties slider design type 2.
6  NEW: New design for the places shortcode (city and area).
7  NEW: New shortcode slider for the places (city and area).
8  NEW: White labeled wp-admin backend (shows custom client logo instead of WordPress default logo).
9  NEW: Quick Setup steps in wp-admin interface
10  NEW:
11  EDIT: Inbox message systems counts messages on the fly (without page refresh) when reading/deleting them
12  EDIT: Re-organized theme options (Booking Settings and Booking Price settings)
13  EDIT: Wire Transfer email includes HTML support
14  EDIT: Updated the design for the custom price table on responsive devices
15  EDIT: Mobile map zoom controls set to cooperative
16  EDIT: Splash page template syncs with the theme options settings regardless of the custom page header options
17  EDIT: Calculate total booking automatically based on searched dates when using the Properties List half map page filters and landing on a property page
18  EDIT: Shortcode auto-complete for Places Shortcode
19  EDIT: User profile URL shows in the verify owner email notification
20  EDIT: Email management to support HTML code (spacer, bold, etc.)
21  EDIT: Currency widget conversion API is updated
22  EDIT: Language support for stripe
23  FIX: Password reset email includes username
24  FIX: Closing the login modal while submitting a property returns to home
25  FIX: Sharing facebook via https
26  FIX: Show booking login modal if the login button is removed from the header
27  FIX: Instant booking price per night display if a price for 7d and 30d was not set
28  FIX: Keep price slider value when starting a search from the advanced search widget
29  FIX: Deposit 0 and confirmed bookings ? disable the remove invoice button
30  FIX: Reviews can be added only one time
31  FIX: Closing the modal before submitting a contact message and try to open the modal again without page refresh
32  Update: WPML updates for sync images in translation
33  Update: wprentals.po
34  Update: Ultimate Addons to v 3.16.22 and Rev Slider to v


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